Newest Cuban disaster: Dictatorship announces it has run out of oil, unable to supply gas stations

No gasoline for you! Cubans line up for scarce gas at Havana’s Colón cemetery

From our Bureau of Socialist Energy Management with some assistance from our new Bureau of Apartheid Fuel Distribution

Not to worry, says Castro, Inc. “We’re out of fuel at the moment, due to our ineptitude, but pretty soon we’ll have some again.”

Meanwhile, one must assume, bicycles will be in high demand.

So, no fuel for power stations, no fuel for public transportation, no fuel for any vehicles. . . Oh, but you can bet there is plenty of fuel for the apartheid tourist industry. Si señor. And plenty of food and booze too.

O, the exquisite wonders of the so-called Revolution!

Plenty of gasoline for you!

Abridged and loosely translated from CiberCuba

The Cuban government does not have enough fuel available in the national territory to supply gas stations, according to the state-run Cuba-Petroleo (CUPET) reported on Wednesday.

“Due to operational logistics difficulties and higher than usual demand, there has been a deficit in the availability of fuel in the national territory,” explains the concise official note published on Facebook.

In somewhat cryptic language, CUPET added that it has “the support of specialized teams from other agencies for the transportation [of fuel] by road from the Cienfuegos Refinery to the entire country.”

Finally, he reported that “this refinery has the necessary raw material for the production of gasoline and other products.”

The official note does not clarify the amount of processed fuel available at the Cienfuegos refinery, or what the deadlines will be for the restoration of its supply at gas stations.

In recent days, the shortage of fuel in Havana was already noticeable, forcing drivers to stand in long lines in front of state gas stations that sell the product.

For months, Cuban drivers have lamented the poor quality of the fuel they sell at gas stations.

whole story HERE in Spanish

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  1. Eventually, I suppose, there will be practically nothing of any kind for those who cannot get real money from abroad, and even they may need to be “connected.” We’re talking about “magical realism” on steroids.

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