‘Cuba Thaw 2.0’ may be on its way

All signs seem to point to the coming of “Cuba Thaw 2.0.” Alarm bells have been going off in the Cuban American community as signs the Biden administration is increasing its interactions with Cuba’s Castro dictatorship are becoming more frequent.

Earlier this week, Cuban American members of congress sent a letter to the White House inquiring about an apparent but unannounced shift in Cuba policy while at the same time, American businessmen are in Havana being wined and dined by the Castro regime.

Now we learn that the Biden administration is having “regular conversations” with the communist Castro dictatorship (via Diario de Cuba – my translation):

The U.S. State Department holds regular talks with the Cuban government, according to an email sent to Radio Martí by a spokesperson in Washington.

The official said the conversations happen “whenever necessary, to promote the interests of the U.S.”

According to the State Department spokesperson, whose name was not revealed by Radio Martí, there is “regular communication with officials of the Cuban government” through the embassy in Havana and the Coordinator of Cuban Affairs office in Washington D.C.

The State Department said “the Biden administration’s Cuba policy is centered on the support of human rights and the political and economic wellbeing of the Cuban people” and that Washington will continue to “demand the release of all political prisoners and the respect for human rights on the island,” reported Radio Martí.

The support for human rights and the release of political prisoners is all great. However, Obama paid the same lip service during his rapprochement with the Castro dictatorship, while doing nothing of substance to help the Cuban people free themselves of tyranny.

So far, all signs point to the imminent arrival of Cuba Thaw 2.0, a return to the Obama administration’s disastrous Cuba policy of unilateral concessions that only served to strengthen the communist Castro dictatorship’s grip on power.

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  1. It’s not a question of if, only of when. This is the kind of shit Dems always do, one way or another, because that is their nature–and now more so than ever. Anyone who expects otherwise is a fool. Vote accordingly.

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