Dengue epidemic rages uncontrolled in Cuba; children among the hardest hit

From our Bureau of Latrine American Socialist Medical Powerhouses with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Mosquito Control

Every few days a news story about Castrogonia’s dengue epidemic surfaces. Every new account paints a grimmer picture.

Today’s story highlights the horrific fact that children are being infected at an alarming rate, and, as one might expect, Castro, Inc.’s hospitals are unable to cope with the crisis.

Medical powerhouse of the third world! Yes, sure . . .

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Cuban health authorities have warned of a significant increase in dengue cases in pediatric ages, while residents on the island consulted by Radio Televisión Martí point to the worrying increase in pediatric hospital admissions due to the viral disease.

Speaking to the Cuban News Agency (ACN), Damaris Borrego, head of the care service in the intensive care room at the Juan de la Cruz Martínez Children’s Hospital, in the city of Santiago de Cuba, warned of the growing incidence of infections in minors who are admitted to that hospital institution with “the most aggressive behavior of the virus” and warning symptoms such as vomiting, bleeding, marked decay and abdominal pain.

The doctor assured that they are treating a greater number of children with rapid deterioration of the clinical state.

The Escambray newspaper from Sancti Spiritus also recently reported a high number of minors admitted for dengue at the José Martí Pérez Teaching Pediatric Hospital.

From the city of Holguín, traumatologist Ramón Zamora said: “The number of children who are arriving here, at the Octavio de la Concepción de la Pedraja pediatric hospital, suffering from dengue fever is continuous and we know the difficulties these children go through, firstly, due to the lack of medicines so great that there is “.

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  1. The “medical powerhouse” BS is a very old crock, which has become increasingly difficult to disguise, but the usual suspects will continue to deny, ignore or rationalize it. The bottom line is that ordinary Cubans are seen as third-world denizens who should only expect third-world care, even if that is never made explicit.

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