Apartheid exposed: Cuban luxury hotels use bogus excuses to ban Cubans from their premises

Meliá Habana & Facebook denunciation

From our Perfectly Acceptable and Laudable Apartheid with some assistance from our Some-Animals-Are-More-Equal- Than-Others Bureau

Cuban social media is abuzz with complaints about the island’s luxury hotels, all of which have intensified their apartheid polices.

Despite the fact that Castro, Inc.’s new penal code has made apartheid a capital crime, its Ministry of Tourism is practicing apartheid openly and shamelessly. Naturally, as one would expect from Castro, Inc., the reasons cited for excluding Cubans are always bogus excuses. See testimonials from Facebook posts in the images above and below.

An article in CubaNet attributes this vigorous apartheid to Castro, Inc.’s thirst for dollars and euros, citing the low value of the Cuban currency used by natives. While that is probably correct to some extent, however, there is a much more sinister reason behind this apartheid. Yes, you know what it is: Castro, Inc. wants to reserve these luxury hotels for foreigners because they are superior beings. Yes, hatred of Cubans runs deep in criminal enterprise known as Castro, Inc., As Castro, Inc. has always seen it, Cubans are loathsome.

Kempinski Hotel Habana & Facebook denunciation

Loosely translated from CubaNet

“We are full”, “we’ve got no rooms”, “we expect a very large delegation”, “we are only serving guests”, “there are no capacities left”, are some of the justifications that Cubans hear these days when they try to enter any of the great hotels of Havana.

Social networks have been bursting with complaints for weeks, but the Ministry of Tourism and hotel companies, both foreign and national, have not yet made an official statement regarding what is clearly a discriminatory policy, if not against Cubans residing in Cuba, at least against a national currency in which, since it is so devalued, no business wants to market its services.

According to what we have been able to learn directly from people who work in hotels such as the Nacional, Capri, Manzana Kempinski, Grand Aston, Paseo del Prado and Grand Packard —the object of most of the complaints on the internet—, these facilities are obliged to market a minimum of services in Cuban pesos, for national clients, but only to keep up appearances in favor of an official discourse that does not finish publicly accepting that the national currency is like a hot potato.

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  1. Part of the regime’s “attitude problem” towards Cubans is that it has practically no respect for them, since it has never forgotten how easily they were suckered into embracing the “revolution” and then co-opted and manipulated like so much livestock. It still sees them as too weak (and too degenerate) to be a serious threat as long as the repressive apparatus keeps going, which it’s been doing non-stop for 63 years.

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