2 thoughts on “Video of the Day: Cuban engineer shows world how little she can purchase with her salary”

  1. Inhabitants of third-world shitholes aren’t supposed to have advanced degrees or earn much money. They’re supposed to have hard lives and struggle. At least those in Cuba get nominally free health care. Move along.

  2. What a lovely young lady. So glad she did not speak with that terrible Cuban street accent. Her Spanish was a throwback to a more civilized era.

    To give her feedback the monthly salary of $25 would not get her into a Lakers game but would buy a bottle of water and a small plain hotdog at the game. It was what I spent yesterday for a simple lunch for two at a fast food restaurant. Glad to see you love corn on the cob. We grow tons of it in Georgia. There is nothing better when it is fresh. We feed our excess to our cow and sheep. We would send it to Cuba but our cow gives us milk and our sheep give us wool. A much better return than what Cuba offers.

    I am so glad so see that there now exists “free markets” at least for the farmers market. I suppose you still have to pay off the police and other parasitic government regulators to allow you to sell the stuff you grow.

    The question I have is how does she and her family of four eat the rest of the month? She is attractive enough to work in the world’s oldest profession but I hope she has cousins in Cuban security that help her. The second oldest profession of robbing and stealing is much less honest but not as unpleasant.

    By the way, the lowest salary in the US (the minimum wage) translates to 288,000 Cuban pesos a month. Thus, a 16 year old making French Fries at McDonalds makes 144 times more than a Cuban engineer. Come to the US where engineers make at least 668,800 Cuban pesos a month. What you earn in 14 years, a US engineer earns in one month.

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