More Yankee and Mets fans will watch baseball in Florida

Incredibly, New Yorkers did not fire the management team running their state. I guess that they want more of the mess from high taxes, crime and people moving to Florida. I hope that every New Yorker checks out Michael Goodwin:

It’s now 20 years and counting since George Pataki won his third term in 2002, marking the last time someone other than a Democrat won a statewide race. Governor, comptroller, attorney general, two United States senators — all blue. It’s not only tiresome, it’s destructive. One-party rule has driven the Empire State into the ditch, and now it can’t get out.

A New York big ditch or a hole like a moon crater. Yes, New York’s management team will spend the next four years investigating Trump and watching the locals rent a U-Haul truck for the long ride to Florida. To put this into numbers, recent data showed:

In August[,] 5,838 New Yorkes switched their licenses to Florida. That’s the most we’ve ever had in one month. Ever. For the year that’s 41,885 New Yorkers who have switched their license over to Florida ones.

We are turning into a country of prosperous red states, like Texas and Florida, and failing blue states like New York and Illinois. How else do you explain voters re-electing governors in Illinois and New York? Remember the one about doing the same thing and expecting different results?

The big vote did not happen on Tuesday. Instead, and it happens every day, New Yorkers put on the red sneakers and go south.

Best of all, they can catch their teams in Florida!

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