Spain’s Communist postage stamp axed by judge, legal battle begins

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A Spanish judge has halted the issuance of a postage stamp that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Spain.

The former world chess champion Garri Kasparov, quoted by the ABC daily, spoke about the “communist stamp” on social media. He decided that “a stamp commemorating the victims of communism would be appropriate”. “Will the next one be with a swastika?” Kasparov asked ironically, adding, “What a shame!”

But, as one might expect, the Communists at Spain’s postal service are fighting back, and have vowed to appeal the judge’s decision. Spanish Communists are raging on social media and vowing revenge. Spain’s Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, has said “Precautionary suspension of the commemoration of those who fought for freedom in our country is alarming.”

“Freedom,” yeah. Nice move, comrade. Nothing can compare to the twisted logic of Orwellian newspeak.

Spanish Communist firing squad carrying out “The Massacre of Paracuellos” November-December 1936, in which over 2,500 civilians were executed

Translated from Catholic News Agency (aciprensa)

After a massive protest by thousands of citizens and the legal action of Christian Lawyers, a judge ordered the public company/the postal service (Correos) to suspend the issuance of a postage stamp of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), an organization responsible for hundreds of deaths, mostly Catholics.

According to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Judge Carmen Casado of the 30th administrative court of Madrid issued an order suspending the issuance of the postage stamp for the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of Spain, founded in 1921.

The stamp was going to start selling on Monday, November 14 and 135 thousand copies were going to be printed, with a value of 0.75 euros.

Judge Casado points out in her ruling that “the special urgency that merits the adoption of the precautionary measure is understood to be accredited.”

In its Twitter account, Christian lawyers expressed its satisfaction with the ruling and stressed that “it is inadmissible for postage stamps to promote communism.”

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4 thoughts on “Spain’s Communist postage stamp axed by judge, legal battle begins”

  1. This is too revolting for words. It is EXACTLY the same as a stamp commemorating the founding of the Nazi Party, except Nazis killed far fewer people. We’re not talking about useful idiots here, but SICK people.

    • You previously said:

      “Nothing new, just more flagrant and in-your face. But don’t blame Spain’s government; blame the Spanish people who tolerate such infamy. The communist poison never went away; it was there all along even under Franco, as my parents were dismayed to find out from Spanish taxi drivers in the 1960s.”
      “Still, if it’s any comfort, remember that just as we are not “Latins,” Spain is NOT our “mother.” People who do something like this have nothing to do with us, and we should see them for what they are–perverse aliens.”

      I find quite a lot of sense in your previous post. And to some extent, you are right. This is not new. And we should not blame on that son of a rat who is our prime minister, Pedro Sánchez.. We should blame on the Spanish people… yes but not on everyone. The socialist government has a support of 11.128.416 votes (with those from communists, terrorists, separatists, etc..) whilst the oppossition has a support of 10.354.337.

      We have to deal with people thinking independence will help them. We have to deal with people whose family were on the wrong band during the civil war and all that propaganda comming from leftists in the US universities from the 60s until now…

      Now a begging, please don not think in terms of “Latins”. Spaniards are Latins. Argentinians and Cubans are Latins. But people from Romania are Latins too. French are Latins. Portuguese people are Latins as well as Brazilians are. What about Italians? Aren’t they Latins? “Latin” come from “Lazio” region (Latium), surrounding Rome. Aren’t they Latins? What about the 8.5M people living in Quebec, Canada? Aren’t they Latins? It is a very inaccurate way of naming the people from Ibero-America.

      Whatever people from Cuba are, whatever people from Spain are, whatever people from Colombia are, all we are brothers, all we are Spanish, all we are sons a the same culture. Regardless of the winds.

      I hope you change your perception on Spaniards. We’ll continue the fight.

      ¡Viva Cuba libre!

      • I do not think in terms of “Latins” in the way that term is currently applied, since I have practically nothing in common with most of the people who live in “Latin” countries (apart from speaking Spanish). I certainly do not see them as my “brothers,” unless one means brothers like Cain. Basically, I refuse to be grouped together with people who have identified with the Castro “revolution” and have long justified and supported it–such people are alien to me and I hold them in profound contempt.

        As for being Spanish, yes, my ancestry is Spanish, and my blood is more Spanish than that of the king of Spain, but again, I will not be grouped with people who have behaved very badly towards Cuba and continue to do so. Of course, everyone in Spain is not the same, but Spain as a country, as a national entity, has deeply disappointed and seriously offended me, repeatedly, and I refuse to belong to that.

        • 🙂

          Even Joe Biden’s blood is more Spanish than that of the king of Spain 🙂

          I do not consider any socialist or communist to be a brother of me. But believe me, there are millions of ‘brothers’ in Spain and many more of them in America who would fight against communism if the moment arrived.

          Here (and everywhere) the problem is a lack of culture. The left has managed to convince millions that they are the good ones. Now is our turn to convert the ignorant ones and to erase from the map the bad ones.

          Regardless on what you think of me, if you are Cuban and you are a freedom fighter, I consider you to be my ‘hermano’

          As we say when Real Madrid is playing: “Este partido lo vamos a ganar”

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