MSC Cruises under investigation for using Cuban slave labor on its ships

A complaint filed with the International Criminal Court has apparently led to an investigation MSC Cruises, an Italian cruise line. Cubans who worked on MSC cruise ships say the cruise line was complicit with the communist Castro dictatorship, effectively buying them as slave labor from the Cuban regime.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

MSC Cruises under investigation for the exploitation of Cuban workers on its ships being used as hotels for the World Cup in Qatar

The Italian cruise line MSC Cruises is under investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for its role in the Cuban regime’s scheme of exploiting workers while it was operating in that country. The cruise line only paid workers $118 a month, while giving 80%, the rest of those salaries, to the government.

According to the complaints filed with the ICC by the non-government organization Cuban Prisoners Defenders (CPD), Cuban workers employed on MSC ships say that among the violations committed against them, they were only getting 20% of their salaries and that officials on the ship confiscated their passports and held them while they worked on the ships.

According to the investigative file presented by CPD, Cuban workers on the ship were expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Among the testimonies is one former employee who was paid $424 per month, although Havana would get $327 of that. In another case, a base salary of $341 meant $272 of it would go to the Cuban regime.

“The victims declare that for them, the employees of MSC Cruises became an extension of the Cuban regime’s repression,” says the report, a copy of which was also sent to the UN.

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