Former U.S. congressman Joe Garcia lies while promoting business partnerships with Cuban dictatorship

Joe Garcia with the late Cardinal Jaime Ortega

From our Bureau of Brazenly Perfidious Lying with some assistance from our Bureau of Blood Pacts With the Devil

Anyone who knows how Castro, Inc. operates will instantly know that Joe Garcia is lying when he says that doing business with “private” entities in Cuba doesn’t entail partnering up with Castro, Inc.

Unfortunately, many dupes will fall for his lies, and an even greater number of shameless opportunists who know he’s lying won’t care.

Truly disgusting behavior such as this can leave one speechless. One need not be surprised — given Joe Garcia’s undying love for Castro, Inc. — but it’s nonetheless difficult not to feel as if one’s head is about to explode.

Fellow Castrophiles enjoying a chuckle at the expense of the Cuban people

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Cuban-American Joe García, former federal representative for Florida in the House of Representatives between 2013 and 2015, assured various media outlets in the United States that small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) authorized by the Cuban government are “100% private” and have no requirement to have a partner in government.

In an interview with the Florida channel MegaTV, he assured that “a space has been opened in Cuba for these people, who are businesses that have private entities, who can open bank accounts, can do business outside of Cuba, can import and export, I think it’s an important novelty and it’s a space where those who live outside as well as those who live inside can create their own space”.

The lawyer and consultant, who was executive director of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) in the US, elaborated on the entities that the Government offers as an opening to its economy: “The owner has to be a Cuban born in Cuba, but you gives the right to do business, transactions, operations, enter and exit, even import to Cuba, and we have seen a huge increase in imports by private companies.”

García also offered an interview to CNN en Español where he mentioned the same issues again. In another intervention, on the YouTube channel of the Florida platform 23yFlagger, he affirmed that he had requested the release of the political prisoners during the meeting he had with Miguel Díaz-Canel, together with other US businessmen who visited Cuba a few days ago.

The businessman and politician was at the Palace of the Revolution at a reception offered by the island’s ruler at the end of October, after attending the first business forum between US businessmen and Cuban companies since 2016.

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3 thoughts on “Former U.S. congressman Joe Garcia lies while promoting business partnerships with Cuban dictatorship”

  1. This shit is SO tiresome. The Cuban dictatorship allows NOTHING, approves NOTHING, promotes NOTHING that does not benefit said dictatorship. The rest is talk, promises, window dressing, marketing…who cares? If any entity does NOT deserve even the slightest benefit of the doubt, it is Castro, Inc. WTF is not clear here?

    At this point, I’m inclined to think this sort of thing is beneath comment, and it may be unseemly to dignify it with notice. Yes, it is repugnant, but hardly surprising–it fits a known pattern. Alas, condemning it won’t do much, as the person/s involved must know it offends “those people,” who are not the target audience.

    Well, I suppose JG may feel legitimately underappreciated and ignored. I mean, if Charlie Crist was willing to pick Karla “Marx” as running mate, he could certainly have picked a much more seasoned player like JG.

    Lord have mercy.

  2. Jeff Flake, meet your lying pal. You would get along so well with Garcia.

    I will never forget how Jeff Flake smiled and put his arm around me and explained how he hates Communism. He told me he just believes in free trade and that it will help the Cubans. Then I saw those pictures recently of him smiling and drinking with full enjoyment with the leaders of Cuba.

    I am so glad Flake lost his seat in Congress.

    • Flake must be assumed to have been and remain “compromised” until proven otherwise. His clearly excessive interest in Cuba simply cannot be rationally explained otherwise. Same goes for other comparable politicians, although there is always the very real leftist SOB explanation. However, it is always far worse when a Cuban does this sort of thing–ALWAYS.

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