On day 23,348 of the ‘Revolution,’ Cubans scramble to scoop up broken eggs from roadway

Revoltillo gratis!

From our Bureau of Socialist Protein Distribution with some assistance from our Bureau of Hunger-Driven Undignified Scrambles in Socialist Utopias

No one knew how those hundreds of eggs were spilled on a street in Havana. And no one cared either. There they were, a small lake of protein, so nice and yellow, and going to waste. Watch amazing video HERE.

Those who noticed the egg spill immediately sprang into action. All of this rare and precious protein had to be scooped up as quickly as possible. Never mind sanitary concerns. Never mind undignified behavior. Food of any sort can’t be allowed to go to waste in Cuba, where the vast majority of the population is slowly starving.

Besides, those beautiful eggs look so much better than the disgusting mystery meat “picadillo” you’ve been eating, which tastes as awful as it looks, and which is also in short supply. (See image below and go HERE for details).

Aaaah! That puddle of eggs was a miracle, a great gift from God, much like manna from heaven. And yesterday was certainly a day to cherish and remember, day 23, 348 of your country’s glorious “Revolution.” (63 years, 10 months, and 17 days, with leap years factored in.) Pass on the story to your children and grandchildren, so they can pass it on to their progeny, for centuries to come.

Mystery meat

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Some deplorable images that show hunger and misery in Cuba circulate on social networks, as they show the moment in which dozens of Cubans ran to reach and collect eggs that were lying on the street.

The incident took place in a street in San Miguel del Padrón, in Havana, where the residents took advantage of the animal protein to bring something to eat to their tables.

The person behind the video said that there was nothing left, seeing people rummaging through the cardboard and broken shells on the ground.

In the audiovisual you can see that a person managed to pick up almost a carton of eggs that were lying on the street; The aforementioned subject had a big smile on his face, which shows the level of conformism of the Antilleans, who hardly get any food for free, they celebrate it as if you were a great achievement.

At the moment, it is unknown how that amount of animal protein got to the floor, however, it is presumed that it was the result of a traffic accident involving a truck loaded with eggs.

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