Biden’s policy on Cuba making it more difficult for democracy activists on the island

Biden’s reprise of Obama’s disastrous Cuba policy is bringing the same results it did in the past: rewards for the communist Castro dictatorship and abandonment for Cuba’s besieged dissidents.

An analysis of Biden’s Cuba policy by Diario de Cuba:

Are there signs of change in Cuban-US relations?

This is how political analysts consulted by DIARIO DE CUBA see Biden’s policy towards Havana, which ‘often makes the task of Cuban democrats even more difficult’.

Migration, academic/scientific exchange, flights, trade and disaster assistance are some of the issues that have recently formed part of a rapprochement between the Cuban and U.S. governments. According to Cuban-American congressmen such as Mario Diaz-Balart, Maria Elvira Salazar and Carlos A. Gimenez, there is an “apparent change” in Biden’s policy towards Havana.
Prompted by this “concern”, the legislators even asked the Biden Administration for answers in a letter sent on October 24.

DIARIO DE CUBA spoke with analysts Yaxys Cires, Juan Antonio Blanco and Manuel Cuesta Morúa on this issue.

“In May the Biden Administration revoked several restrictions established by his predecessor, Donald Trump. The lifting of some of them had a certain logic in the Cuban context, seeking to make things a little easier for part of the population; here we can include the issues of remittances, flights to Cuban airports other than the capital, and the facilitation of consular procedures in Havana, which is also part of the country’s national security interest and a broader policy towards the region,” says Yaxys Cires, director of Strategies at the Cuban Human Rights Observatory.

According to the coordinator of Cuba Humanista, “in that package they included other (measures) that do not make sense in the current context, such as resuming group travel under the category of ‘people to people’ educational trips, which is something more focused on certain elites on both sides.”

“These measures were not accompanied by a clear and stringent condemnation of the regime, the real cause of Cubans’ problems. It seems that someone has managed to establish the idea that certain measures should not be accompanied by political and legal demands made of the regime, sometimes because they are humanitarian and other times because they think that a ‘climate of trust’ must be generated. This is wrong and anti-political.”

In Cires’ view, “this means sacrificing the advantages held now to leave everything up to the will of those who have shown that they do not respect the rules of the game.”

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  1. As long as there is any significant Cuban support for Dems, we must expect business as usual. Besides, in real terms, no one is providing more support to the dictatorship than Cubans abroad, regardless of intent.

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