Cuban prisoner dies after 56 days on hunger strike; another one attempts suicide

Fidencio Pérez Dieguéz

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Gallant But Potentially Lethal Quixotic Gestures

Here we go again. Another hunger strike ends in death. It has happened numerous times before in Castro, Inc.’s prisons, and, unfortunately, it is highly likely to happen again.

Conditions are so horrific in Cuban prisons that even those who are jailed for common crimes go on hunger strikes in protest against Castro, Inc.

So, even though this prisoner was jailed for “theft and sacrifice” he became a dissident in prison. And the same is true of Andy Reyes Cruz, 27, a young prisoner jailed for “violent robbery” who died on a hunger strike two months ago.

Cuban prisons can drive anyone insane. Two weeks ago, a young prisoner serving a 12-year sentence for protesting on 11 July 2021 tried to jump out of a fifth-floor window at the hospital to which he had been sent after going mad in his cell. His mother was in the room when he tried to kill himself. If he hadn’t been restrained by hospital personnel, he would have surely died.

This young prisoner, Mario Josué Prieto Ricardo, who has dual Cuban-Spanish citizenship, had a long history of physical as well as mental illness (multiple sclerosis and depression), was already deemed on the verge of dying when he was removed from his cell and taken to the hospital.

The Spanish embassy in Castrogonia has thus far refused to intervene on his behalf, even though he is a Spanish citizen.

Mario Josué Prieto Ricardo: Saved from suicide attempt

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

According to information from the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights, on November 12 a prisoner died after 56 days on hunger strike.

As Fidencio Pérez Dieguéz, the prisoner who died of starvation in the prisoner’s room in Camagüey was identified.

The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights added that the prisoner died doing a hunger strike, against his “unfair sentence” to 10 years of imprisonment for the crime of theft and sacrifice.

“Fidencio Pérez Diéguez died in the prison cell of Camagüey on November 12 during a 56-day hunger strike. Sentenced to 10 years for the crime of theft and sacrifice, an unfair sentence, according to his words and those of his relatives, in statements to the Cuban Observatory of DH ”, reads the publication on Twitter.

This prisoner who died due to a hunger strike joins the list of those deprived of liberty who perish in the island’s prisons, either for demanding their rights or for circumstances linked to the terrible state in which the prisons of the island.

It is worth remembering that, recently, the young Cuban prisoner identified as Andy Reyes Cruz, 27, lost his life after having spent more than 50 days on a hunger strike while in prison.

Reyes Cruz spent the last days of his life hospitalized at the Camilo Cienfuegos Provincial Hospital in Sancti Spíritus. In that compound, he urgently underwent surgery after determining that he suffered from brain death.