State-owned store in Cuba selling rotten yogurt to starving Cubans

The chronic blackouts and shortages of food in communist Cuba are not bad enough, it seems. Even when food arrives, it is spoiled and rotten. In Santiago de Cuba, one state-owned store is selling rotten soy yogurt.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

A resident of Santiago de Cuba is denouncing the sale of spoiled soy yogurt to the public, “a people already hammered by blackouts and food shortages.”

For internet commenter Amilcar Milian Jr., it takes a special kind of cruelty to sell products in this condition.

“This time it arrived in sealed bags that look fine, but they’re blown up like soccer balls. We already knew that swelling comes from gasses generated by the bacteria that is having a party inside that package, This is because the bags were shipped unrefrigerated and when you open them, it was obviously spoiled,” he wrote on Facebook.

Melián says the soy yogurt arrives in bulk at his local store about ten times a year. Of those 10 times, only four or five shipments do they deliver a yogurt that can be eaten. The rest of the time it’s watered down, or an unpleasant flavoring is added.

The corruption, inefficiency, and cruelty you find in communist Cuba is not a bug of socialism, it’s a feature.

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