Some Blockade! U.S. congressional delegation in Cuba to discuss agricultural trade

Salud Carbajal (D/California), Jahana Hayes (D/Connecticut) and Jim Baird (R/Indiana).

From our Bureau of Blockade Warming with some assistance from our Bureau of Phantom Sanctions

A few days ago, it was U.S. businessmen who were visiting Castrogonia to discuss partnerships with Castro, Inc..

Now, it’s a congressional delegation’s turn to light the fires that will speed up Jar-Jar Biden’s Thaw.2 . The bipartisan delegation consists of Salud Carbajal (D/California), Jahana Hayes (D/Connecticut) and Jim Baird (R/Indiana). Carbajal and Baird represent agricultural congressional districts, but Hayes does not.

The official statement posted by the delegation says: ““We will be meeting with farmers and agricultural experts to help us understand the current state of agriculture and food supply in Cuba, as well as discuss where opportunities for mutual economic benefit may exist for American businesses and the Cuban people.” 

In an article rich with examples of past occasions when the U.S. has recklessly aided the Cuban dictatorship, John Suarez at the Center for a Free Cuba warns that nothing good can come out of this visit: “The Castro regime will be providing a Potemkin Village tour, and as much as one believes that they [the U.S. delegation] are prepared for it, it is still effective.. . .Paradoxically, the Obama thaw with Cuba coincided with the expansion of military control of the Cuban economy.”

Call it “blockade warming”, which seems to be taking place much faster than global warming. No one needs to be a psychic to predict what comes next. The military junta that runs Castro, Inc. must be overjoyed.

Castro, Inc.’s Minister of Agriculture, Ydael Pérez Brito

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias

A bipartisan delegation of representatives from the US Congress traveled to Cuba this weekend to meet with Cuban farmers and local officials, with whom they will discuss the current state of agriculture and food supplies on the island.

“Today I am leading a bipartisan delegation with Representative Jahana Hayes and Congressman Jim Baird to Cuba to study the impact of American staples, meet with Cuban farmers, and discuss agricultural and other related issues with local officials,” he reported in his Twitter account. Twitter the Democratic representative for California Salud Carbajal.

The members of the Agriculture Committee of the House of Representatives will also evaluate the areas in which there may be “opportunities of mutual economic benefit for US companies and the Cuban people.”

Representative Carbajal’s tweet was shared by the US embassy in Havana, which stressed that the United States is one of the largest suppliers of agricultural products to the island.

In 2021, US companies exported more than $295 million in agricultural products to Cuba, including food, to help address the basic needs of the Cuban people, John Kelly detailed, in his response speech to the UN resolution condemning the embargo.

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3 thoughts on “Some Blockade! U.S. congressional delegation in Cuba to discuss agricultural trade”

  1. ““We will be meeting with farmers and agricultural experts to help us understand…” I know this is just part of the game, and presumably the Americans know they will simply be told what the regime wants them to hear, but it is still infra dig to even appear to take any such “data” at face value. Nobody they get to talk to will dare say ANYTHING that contradicts the official script.

    I’m reminded of the 1977 Barbara Walters TV interview of Fidel Castro, where she asked a supposedly random “man on the street” about the “revolution” in the presence of–wait for it–Fidel Castro. Barring mental retardation, which was not her problem, there was NO way she could believe he could say anything other than what FC wanted–but she played ball anyway, for which she’s been on my shit list ever since.

  2. As for Hayes not representing an agricultural district, that doesn’t matter. It’s a chance for her to do the customary and longstanding Congressional Black Caucus number, and one could hardly leave such a group out of the thaw process. I mean, somebody has to represent the CBC, and it can’t always be Barbara Lee, who must occasionally have other things to do. Besides, newer members have to be brought up to par.

  3. Fidel outsmarted and out maneuvered multiple US presidents, getting want he wanted and making the US look stupid. Cuban now has the B team playing but the US has a senile President so things are still in Cuba’s favor. I would guess the US will once again come out looking stupid or getting ripped off. Remember when Obama offered an olive leaf and Cuba spit in his face. Don’t get mad just enjoy the show.

    The funny thing about powerful US government and business leaders is that their pride blinds them. They cannot conceive of a poor, ragged, two bit little island not bowing down to the US or of not getting the upper hand in negotiation. Of course to be fair, Cuba’s leaders have no problem lying and killing people (and making it look like an accident). Maybe we should send Hillary to negotiate with Cuba. She got rid of Gaddafi and found it very enjoyable. The drawback is that she would then want to be President herself. And I would be ok with that as long as she is the President of Cuba.

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