FCC approves sale of Spanish-language radio stations to Soros-backed leftist group

The FCC has approved the sale of 18 Spanish-language Univision radio stations to a leftist group backed by billionaire activist George Soros, a decision that surprised no one.

Via News Busters:

As expected, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has cleared the way for the Soros-backed Latino Media Network’s (LMN) purchase of 18 Televisa Univision radio stations, among them Miami’s Radio Mambí. 


There was nominal opposition to the deal, which the FCC promptly shot down. That is, in part, because the best time to kill this deal was in 2017- when the incoming Republican Congress had the power to do so under the Congressional Review Act. Recall that it was under cover of the Obama-Trump transition that the FCC approved a sweeping rule change that enabled Univision to increase its foreign ownership stake from 25 to 49%. The Republican Congress, caught sleeping, failed to review and repeal the rule when it had a chance. This, in turn, created the precedent that eventually allowed Univision to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Televisa. The result of Congress’ inaction is that a foreign-owned corporation is now in the position, by virtue of this sale of significant assets to a domestic partisan group, of exerting undue influence upon our elections.

During our initial analysis of the transaction, we noted that LMN seeks to rebuild upon the footprint of the failed Univision America network and change the information dynamics for the national Hispanic market ahead of the 2024 election.

Included in the 18 stations sold is Miami’s iconic Radio Mambí, an institution among the Cuban community in South Florida. Mambí’s staunch anti-communist editorial bent made it a target of Democrats who grew tired of their socialist agenda being exposed on the air. Democrats falsely claimed the station was putting out “disinformation” in a blatant attempt to silence conservative Hispanic voices in South Florida. But since they were unable to shut the station down, it appears they went with the only other alternative: buy the station and change its editorial content.

Considering how red Miami-Dade County has become, this attempt to silence conservative Hispanics is doomed to fail as well. It looks like Democrats believe Radio Mambí listeners are clamoring for Latinx programming and are going forward with Spanish-language Marxist talk radio. Good luck with that.

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