Fake Cuban president Díaz-Canel arrives in Turkey on eve of Turkey Day in U.S.A.

Trucutú Díaz-Canel lands in Ankara, Turkey

From our Bureau of Globe-Trotting Beggars with some assistance from our Bureau of Once-Great Impoverished Empires That Still Love to Play the Role of Sugar Daddies

Castro, Inc.’s meat puppet, Trucutú the Beggar has departed from Grand Putinia, where he obtained various undisclosed gifts from Czar Vlad the Invader.

Displaying abundant groveling, Trucutú once again parroted and praised the words of Czar Vlad, blaming NATO for the war in Ukraine, pointing out that Grand Putinia is being treated very unfairly by the wealthy capitalist nations of this world, and especially by the U.S.A.

“Both Russia and Cuba are subject to sanctions (…) that come from and have their origin in the same enemy, the Yankee empire, which has also manipulated an important part of the world,” declared the Caribbean statesman Trucutú.

The puppet and his sugar daddy

Heaping abundant praise on Czar Vlad for his brilliant leadership, as well as for his “very well-structured arguments” for the invasion of Ukraine, Trucutú groveled a bit more, adding:

“Our first commitment has been to continue defending the position of the Russian Federation in the face of this conflict that, we understand, has been created and has its origin unfortunately manipulated by the Government of the United States before international public opinion.”

Let’s see what he has to say in Turkey about Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Perhaps we will hear him denounce all those vicious lies told about Turkey’s slaughter of over a million Armenians a century ago.

Stay tuned. The best of Trucutú’s begging and scraping may be yet to come! China is the next and final stop on his global search for sugar daddies. Russia and Turkey are no longer great empires and they are far from wealthy nations. But China is a real empire and a very wealthy one too.

Emperor Xi Jinping will be expecting abundant kowtowing ( k’o-t’ou).

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Miguel Díaz-Canel arrived in Turkey at dawn this Wednesday, the third stop on an international tour with which the president himself acknowledged that he is seeking help to end the blackouts that have plagued Cubans for more than a year.

When reporting on the arrival of Díaz-Canel to the Eurasian country, the state website Cubadebate highlighted that the visits respond to official invitations issued by the leaders of those nations, in reference to Algeria and Russia, previous points of the tour, in addition to Turkey. and China, the ruler’s next destination.

Díaz-Canel arrived in Turkey accompanied by Deputy Prime Ministers Ricardo Cabrisas and Alejandro Gil; Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, and the Ministers of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Energy and Mines, and Public Health.

Turkish ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan traveled to Cuba for the last time in 2015. Since then, there has been extensive progress in the areas of trade and investment, tourism and air transport, among others, indicated the state media Trabajadores.

On November 15, the seventh floating power plant arrived in Havana, leased to the company Karadeniz Holding, based in Turkey, whose objective is to supply additional megawatts to the national electric power system, mired in constant breakages due to the obsolescence of its facilities and equipment, and in need of investments diverted for decades to other sectors.

The electric power sector is one of the “essential issues” announced by Díaz-Canel on Twitter to be addressed during his tour.

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  1. Cubans always exile. Even within pitifully poor communist nations it is a leader by being the most poor and pitiful. A beggar asking for a handout from other beggars.

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