Mothers of two political prisoners arrested in Cuba for attending church, threatened with imprisonment

Mirka Ibañes, her grandson, and Ailex Marcano

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance, Compassion and Social Justice

Oh, the wonders of socialism! Not only were these two mothers arrested for daring to go to church, but also the five-year-old grandson one of them was bringing along with her.

And this is a regime idolized by billions of earthlings and imitated or duplicated throughout Latrine America.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo:

This Wednesday, the repressive regime detained the mothers of two political prisoners on the island, because the women went to church in Camagüey.

According to the information disseminated on social networks, the Cuban women detained were Ailex Marcano and Mirka Ibáñez, who are the mothers of prisoners Ángel Jesús Veliz Marcano and Yadir Ayala Ibáñez, respectively.

The mothers of the political prisoners in Camagüey have already been released, as confirmed by one of the victims in a direct message.

Marcano asserted that she was arrested with her son’s girlfriend, when together they went to the church of Las Mercedes in her town, to cry out for the freedom of all those unjustly imprisoned on the island.

The woman said that when she was with another mother of a political prisoner, a State Security patrol arrived with an officer identified as Claudia, who used to be one of the people who constantly watched her.

Once detained, the women were questioned by “Officer Kevin.”

Marcano took advantage of the occasion to tell the Castro agents that his son should not be imprisoned in the Kilo 8 prison, in a punishment cell, since thanks to the coercion of the jailers, the young man is suffering from hypertension.

“I was threatened by State Security that this was the last warning they would give me, because then I was going to be tried and could commit a crime and be sentenced to deprivation of liberty for one or three years,” the woman denounced.

It transpired that the Cuban mother, Mirka Ibáñez, was arrested along with her grandson who was barely five years old.

The mothers of political prisoners on the island are often victims of the regime’s abuses, just for demanding the release of their relatives.