60 years ago today: FBI foils Black Friday massacre in NYC planned by Cubans

Castro agents Roberto Santiesteban Casanova, Marino Sueiro Cabrera & José García Orellana in FBI custody

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Very Angry Sociopathic Communist Dictators

At the time, hardly anyone in the U.S. noticed that one of the most horrific acts of terrorism ever planned against Americans almost took place on Black Friday 1962. And it would have been carried out by members of the Cuban diplomatic delegation at the United Nations.

Had the Castronoid planners succeeded, it would have caused unparalleled carnage and destruction, on a scale never seen before and not topped until the massive attacks of 9/11/2001.

Fidel Castro was behind it all. Having just lost all of his nukes a few weeks before during the so-called missile crisis, Fidel was raging mad. Since he couldn’t nuke New York, he would kill as many Americans as possible in some other way, even though President Kennedy had agreed to allow the Soviet Union to keep Cuba as its colony.

The foiled terrorists were never punished. They were exchanged for American prisoners in Cuba, including all of the survivors of Brigade 2506 who had been imprisoned after President Kennedy betrayed them and left them stranded at the Bay of Pigs in April, 1961.

Maybe it’s very fitting that his new statue in Moscow was unveiled this week. What a lovely anniversary reminder of the barbarity of the Castro dynasty, as well as Russia and its satellite states. And perhaps also a reminder of the assassination of JFK, which took place exactly a year later.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

On Friday, November 23, 1962, Roberto Santiesteban Casanova, Marino Sueiro Cabrera, and José García Orellana pleaded not guilty, before a federal judge in New York, to conspiring to commit sabotage and to acting as agents of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba without prior notification to the Department. of State. With bails of $250,000 for Santiesteban Casanova and $100,000 for Sueiro Cabrera and García Orellana, the trio would continue in pretrial detention until April 22, 1963, when they flew to Havana thanks to a prisoner exchange.

The three had fallen into the FBI jamo on the night of November 16. According to the FBI, José Gómez Abad and his wife, Elsa Montero Maldonado, an official and telephone operator at the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations, were up to their necks in the conspiracy, but since they enjoyed diplomatic immunity they were declared persona non grata and left. on November 19 to Havana on an Aeronaves de México flight.

Chris Simmons, retired lieutenant colonel of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), points out that the attack was scheduled precisely for that Friday, Black Friday in 1962, when the trio appeared before the judge. It would have been the largest terrorist act in the United States before 9/11 and was due to Fidel Castro’s foresight to take revenge on John F. Kennedy if, after the withdrawal of the Soviet missiles, he did not comply with the pact with Khrushchev of non-aggression against Cuba.

According to the FBI, the plotters aimed to blow up the Humble Oil and Refining Company’s oil refinery in Linden, New Jersey, as well as detonate explosives at Macy’s, Gimbels and Bloomingdale’s stores in New York, the Statue of Liberty, the 42nd Street bus station, Grand Central Station, and other subway stops in Manhattan.

The conspirators’ lair was the García Orellana jewelry shop, located on the sixth floor of the building marked 242 West 27th Street, where Sueiro Cabrera also worked as a salesman. There, six incendiary bombs, 12 detonators, three grenades and a 45-caliber automatic pistol were seized, as well as an instruction brochure that referred the origin of the explosives to the French resistance against the Nazis during World War II.