Over 100K homes still damaged after Hurricane Ian, Cubans forced to take loans to BUY materials from dictatorship

At least this Cuban woman in Pinar del Rio won’t have to buy new rocking chairs from Castro, Inc.

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Utopian Predatory Lending and our Bureau of Socialist Disaster Relief

How’s this for a lesson in the innumerable benefits of socialism?

A hurricane destroys your house. Two months later, your government –which controls absolutely every aspect of the economy — has yet to offer any relief. You don’t have insurance, because that same socialist regime has made all non-governmental safety nets illegal. So, what do you do?

You make do, living as best as you can in what is left of your ruined home. Then your government informs you that the only way your home will be fixed is if you BUY repair materials from it and do the repairs yourself. A home owned not by you, by the way, but by that same regime that is forcing you to pay IT for your repairs.

Oh, here’s the best part: Said government says it’s offering you a 50% discount on all materials (that is, half of some inflated price), but insists that you BORROW money from IT to pay for such materials at an undisclosed rate of interest. This means that you will have whatever amount you have borrowed DEDUCTED from your salary until you have paid back every penny to your government, plus interest.

And, oh, by the way, that same socialist regime that owns your house and forces you to pay IT for repairing your humble dwelling on your own also happens to be your employer.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Breathtakingly brilliant. This is progressive socialist social justice at its very best.

Hey, STOP IT! If you don’t like socialism, keep quiet. And if you don’t shut up, we’ll come trash your house, make you repair it with materials we sell you, lend you the money at high interest rates, and have the loan deducted from your pay. Don’t mess with social justice, you heartless troglodytes. STOP DIVULGING OUR SECRETS.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

More than 102,000 homes continue to be affected in Pinar del Río almost two months after the devastating hurricane Ian passed through that territory in the west of the island, according to official data.

To date, 102,527 properties have been reported in that province, affected by the meteorological event of last September, the first secretary of the PCC in that territory, Yamilé Ramos Cordero, pointed out this Wednesday in a report by the official Cubadebate website.

Ramos Cordero also assured that in that province they are immersed in a difficult process of debugging the damages reported at first, which are recorded to date in more than 102,000 cases.

She also said that the main battle, in her opinion, continues to be in reaching a greater correspondence between the cases resolved and the number of families that have accessed the resources.

The president of the Provincial Defense Council also pointed out that at this time in that province only 19,857 households have purchased materials to repair their homes, but only 9,281 damages have been remedied.

As she recently reported, the materials for the repair of the houses will not be offered free to the victims, but will be sold with a 50% discount on their usual price.

In order to buy them, the government also provided that Cubans could “access bank loans, request subsidies for the purchase of construction materials charged to the State Budget,” which would leave those who cannot pay their debt with their salary in debt.

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  1. Well, it’s simple, really: savages don’t deserve decent housing, so if they want that, let them pay for it.

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