Airlines in the U.S. have become tools of repression for the Cuban dictatorship

When they decided to do business with Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship, airlines in the U.S. became de facto tools of repression for the Cuban regime. This is what happens when you become business partners with a corrupt and brutally oppressive regime, and claims of ignorance are no excuse. When you dance with the devil., you dance to his tune.

An editorial by Santiago Vila in Worldcrunch explains how U.S. airlines are doing Cuba’s dirty work:

How U.S. Airlines Are Doing Cuba’s Dirty Work On American Soil

On Sunday, American Airlines refused to let Cuban writer Carlos Manuel Álvarez board a Miami flight bound for Havana. It was at least the third time this year that a U.S. airline refused to let Cubans on board to return to their homeland after Havana circulated a government “blacklist” of critics of the regime. Clearly undemocratic and possibly illegal under U.S. law, the airlines want to make sure to cash in on a lucrative travel route, writes Colombian journalist Santiago Villa:

Imagine for a moment that you left your home country years ago because you couldn’t properly pursue your chosen career there. It wasn’t easy, of course: Your profession is not just singularly demanding, but even at the top of the game you might not be assured a stable or sufficient income, and you’ve had to take on second jobs, working in bars and restaurants.

This chosen vocation is that of a writer or journalist, or perhaps an artist, which has kept you tied to your homeland, often the subject of your work, even if you don’t live there anymore.

Since leaving, you’ve been back home several times, though not so much for work. Because if you did, you would be followed in cars and receive phone calls to let you know you are being watched.

Instead, you visit your homeland simply to see your mother or spend time in your own country.

When parasites bite harder

People in charge there believe — mistakenly — that they are the country, like parasites imagining they have become the body they feed off. You, of course, have said this much better in your own eloquent words, which only makes the parasites angrier.

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