1963: Ernesto Lecuona died and we remember his songs

Ernesto Lecuona, the greatest Cuban composer of the 20th century, died on this day in 1963. His story is one of music and more music.

He was born on August 6, 1895 in Guanabacoa, near Havana.

We remember him for “Malaguena”, “Siboney,” “Always in My Heart”, “Andalucia” and so many others.

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2 thoughts on “1963: Ernesto Lecuona died and we remember his songs”

  1. There was no place for him or his music in “revolutionary” Cuba, so he left, though no doubt it cost him. The new order wanted its own musical propagandists, which it groomed, promoted and of course used. To a very significant extent, they owed their careers to the system, so they were beholden to it and in its pocket.

  2. Part of the “problem” with people like Lecuona is that they had real class, which was completely at odds with the “revolutionary” ethos derived from its chief exponent, Fidel Castro, who was glorified white trash. Besides, Lecuona represented the real Cuba, which was condemned to destruction from the start.

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