Constant power blackouts lead to agricultural disaster in Cuba

From our Bureau of Socialist Agriculture with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Electrical Grids

Here’s another story that reveals how Castro, Inc.’s incompetent control of absolutely everything in Cuba constantly leads to disaster.

Due to the island’s power crisis, potato farmers couldn’t water their fields properly, that is, slowly and regularly. So, instead, the farmers opted for pouring as much water as possible on their fields during the few hours when power was available to drive the pumps.

This desperate measure led to oversaturation of the soil, which caused most of the potatoes to rot.

All this at the same time that the sugar harvest is beginning, which all experts predict will be even worse than the previous one. (And that one broke all records as the worst ever in Cuba’s long history of sugar production).

21st century socialist farming in Viñales Valley, Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The blackouts in Cuba affect Cubans in all aspects, because apart from not allowing them to sleep or live happily, they also do not allow the production of food that needs electrical energy to advance.

On this occasion, the blackouts were responsible for the rotting of most of the potato harvest in the Alquizar municipality in Artemisa.

Since the beginning of November, the Cooperativa de Producción Agropecuaria Amistad Cuba-México began planting potatoes in the municipality of Alquízar, but the cold season started off on the wrong foot, and power cuts forced changes in the irrigation cycles which caused much of the crop to be damaged.

A resident of the area, close to the fields where the tuber is planted, Mauricio Díaz, was the one who explained to the independent media outlet 14ymedio the reason why the potato crop was lost.

“This field occupies 12 caballerias [161 hectares] of land divided into four quadrants. Three of these quadrants have gone bad, only one is being achieved.”

“It was because of the blackouts,” he said.

He explained that it was necessary to keep irrigating the land for several hours so that the crop could be saved.

“For everything to have gone well, it would have been necessary to maintain irrigation for several hours and with a certain intensity”

“But since power is being cut off here almost every day, it was decided to reduce the time to avoid blackouts and add more water in fewer hours. The result was that the ground was flooded and the potatoes rotted.”

The Cuban stated that they only managed to save about 40 hectares of the potato crop.

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  1. Alas, it’s not incompetent at everything, certainly not what really matters to it in order to keep itself in power. The rest, of course, only matters insofar as it may threaten its hold on power.

  2. Why even bother to plant anything? Does not Cuba rely on charity from other nations? Cuba is the ideal society that all the world tries to emulate. Cuba deserves to be supported by the rest of the world. Fidel and all of those who follow him are like gods. Work is beneath them. The rest of the world should feel privileged being able to support Cuba. Moreover, like gods, Cubans do not even need food, water or electricity. They just pretend to need them so that others can have the pleasure of giving to Cuba.

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