Image of the Day: Communist Cuba, the ‘World Medical Power’

This woman just had eye surgery in Cuba, and this is all the doctors had to bandage her eyes.

Of course, there will be some who in their attempt to defend the Castro regime will blame this on the U.S. embargo. But what they don’t know or won’t tell you is that the sale of American medicine and medical supplies are not and have never been restricted by U.S. sanctions. Furthermore, while the Cuban dictatorship can’t “afford” to buy bandages, they can certainly afford to build new luxurious hotels and resorts for foreign tourists and buy new police cars for their police state.

The only embargo in Cuba is the embargo the Castro regime has on the Cuban people.

2 thoughts on “Image of the Day: Communist Cuba, the ‘World Medical Power’”

  1. Unusual to have simultaneous bilateral ocular surgery unless it is used for the convenience of the surgical center (obviously not for the patient’s benefit). It was most likely an injury. Pressure patching is an old technology used to control pain. There now exists much more effective techniques. At the risk of being insulting to Africa, this looks like African ophthalmic care. I thought Cuba had world class health care.

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