Surprise! Imprisoned captain of boat rammed by Cuban Coast Guard killing 7 blames himself for ‘accident’

Skipper Luis Manuel Borges Álvarez, alias “El Pollo”

From our Bureau of Socialist Gaslighting with some assistance from our Mea Maxima Culpa Bureau

Yeah, some surprise, huh? Castro, Inc. has been insisting that the ramming and sinking of a boatload of Cubans who were trying to flee the island was an “accident” caused by the captain of the fleeing vessel.

Now, in a televised confession, that captain has blamed himself for this “accident,” thus corroborating the false version of events spun by Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth.

Oh, by the way, pay no attention to the fact that this lackluster skipper is behind bars at the infamous Villa Marista torture complex, facing trial and a long prison sentence. These circumstances have had no effect whatsoever on his “confession.” And the fact that this “confession” matches Castro, Inc.’s version of events word for word simply proves his honesty.

That honesty is further proven by the fact that I just Googled “bahia honda confesiones cuba” under “News” and every single website that came up was from Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth (Portal Cuba or Cubadebate). How amazing! As Dana Carvey’s SNL Church Lady would say, “Now, isn’t that special?” Try it out. Check and see this marvel for yourself. The Ministry of Truth is so good at revealing the truth and nothing but the truth, that all independent news outlets on earth are left with no reason to report on this accident on their own.

Colonel Víctor Álvarez Valle explains how “accident” really happened on Cuban television

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

The Ministry of the Interior (Minint) took almost a month after the sinking of the speedboat in Bahía Honda, where seven Cubans died, to present an official explanation of the event. The television program, broadcast in primetime, included the testimony of the surviving boatman Luis Manuel Borges Álvarez, alias El Pollo, where he blames himself for the catastrophe that he describes as an “accident.”

Recorded in the offices of Villa Marista, the State Security headquarters, Borges Álvarez vehemently emphasizes that the tragedy was not intentionally caused by the border guard troops, thus corroborating the official version of the regime.

When I finished collecting all the passengers, a border guard launch lights me up and I come out totally dark in front of it, softly. When I pass in front of it, I accelerate the controls to their maximum, making a maneuver, but it seems that I hit bottom and one of the engines began to whistle at me,” explains the Cuban in police custody who arrived from Miami aboard the speedboat. Concorde model.

“People started yelling at me to stop, that it seemed that the boat was going to turn. I loosen the engines a bit and tell them to counterbalance, at the moment I loosen the engines, it didn’t take long and I feel an impact, and when I open my eyes my ship was turned, my ship had collapsed,” he recalled. Borges Álvarez about the moment of impact with the border guard boat that caused the capsize.

“I think it was not on purpose. They were following me like a normal maritime pursuit, but when the boat slipped to the left and I took their path, the border guard boat hit us, ”he added.

One of the most interesting parts of his testimony was that he contradicted the initial statements of the crew that indicated that the Minint officers were delayed to help the people after the sinking.

Borges Álvarez explained that the border guards “were helping everyone” and then he “like any human being who commits a crime” took the opportunity to escape by swimming to shore. Among the mangroves he spent two days hiding until he reached the town of Bahía Honda, where he was finally captured.

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  1. The Biden admin people bought the “accident” story immediately, even without such a confession. Oh, and don’t bother expecting “His Holiness” to chime in, except maybe to lament how the “blockade” is ultimately responsible for the “accident.” But I’m not bitter or anything, just a little nauseous.

  2. Seems to me that lots of folk who are murdered in Cuba die accidentally. Looking at it optimistically, at least they try to cover up the murders. The next level of depravity would be to say, yea we killed those children, so what?

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