Cuban dictatorship has spent more on luxury hotels in 2022 than on healthcare or agriculture

While the Cuban people suffer through food and medicine shortages, the Castro dictatorship is spending money on building luxury hotels and resorts for foreign tourists.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

The Cuban government has invested more money in hotels, restaurants, and real estate in 2022 than it has on basic services such as health and agriculture. This is according to the latest report on investments published by the National Office of Statistics and Information.

The document, which analyzes how money from the Cuban budget has been spent from January until the end of September, shows the sector where the most money was spent was “Business services and real estate,” representing 33.5% of the budget.

When it comes to health and social assistance, the regime invested 1.029 billion pesos in the first 9 months of the year, a figure higher than 2021 when it allocated only 301.1 million pesos. Nevertheless, the amount only represents 2.2% of the budget.

Clearly, the Cuban regime is more interested in taking care of foreign tourists who bring hard currency into their coffers than they are taking care of the Cuban people, who are treated as nothing more than slaves that will get the bare minimum to survive. Building hotels for foreign tourists generates revenue for the communist Castro dictatorship, feeding and caring for Cubans does not.

This isn’t a bug of socialism, this is a feature.

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  1. The regime’s priorities are very clear and it acts accordingly. It is NOT about “the people” and never was.

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