Cuban dictatorship prevents Muslim activist from going on pilgrimage to Mecca

Abu Duyanah Tamayo

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance, Compassion and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Islamophobia

Surprise! Castro, Inc. is an equal opportunity persecutor of religion. It doesn’t matter which religion you observe. If you annoy Castro, Inc. in any way, its repressive apparatus will mess with every aspect of your life, including your religious devotion.

Cuban writer and dissident Abu Duyanah Tamayo has apparently been too outspoken. So he is now a “regulated” Cuban, that is, a Cuban who is not allowed to travel. See him interviewed on video HERE and HERE. (In Spanish)

Here is proof of Castro, Inc.’s universal repression. Will any of the usual suspects in the news media howl and rage against the Cuban dictatorship for preventing this Muslim from making a pilgrimage that all Muslims are encouraged to take at least once in their lifetime? Will El Niuyortain denounce Castro, Inc. for its Islamophobia?

Ha. You know the answer to such questions.

“There are now thousands of us in Cuba and abroad. We are now connected. Solidarity among activists has been growing, and even though we don’t all think alike, we are all certain that Cuba needs to be free.”

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The Cuban regime is preventing the Muslim activist, Abu Duyanah (Niovel Alexander Tamayo Formén), from making a pilgrimage to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, because he is “regulated”, a term used by the government when it prohibits the departure of a citizen.

Duyanah denounced Radio Televisión Martí in the program “Cuba al día” that in his opinion the government made the decision in retaliation for his activism. “My activity as a member of civil society is persecuted by the regime,” explained the member of the Cuban Association for the Dissemination of Islam.

The activist reported that he was organizing a trip to Mecca so that a group of Cuban Muslims could attend the pilgrimage, after the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Havana suspended since 2018 a program that allowed 5 religious Cubans to travel for that moment of such importance for practitioners of the Islamic religion.

“It seems that this (the trip) leaks and the regime decides to punish me for what has happened in recent years in which I have been involved, all the jobs in which we have made the complaints and the progress that society has had. civilian,” lamented Duyanah, who in 2014 was able to travel to Mecca.

The Patmos Institute condemned what it considers “a flagrant violation of religious freedoms” against the activist.

“The regulation of the Islamic leader will prevent him from making such a pilgrimage to Mecca and therefore, this arbitrary measure deserves the repudiation not only of the Islamic world, but of all organizations that monitor and defend religious liberties,” said Patmos.

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  1. The usual suspects have very selective standards designed to suit their agenda. In other words, they’re hypocrites, but that’s fine with them. The means are justified by the ends, at least theirs.

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