New penal code in Cuba goes into effect legitimizing the regime’s murderous oppression

Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship put a new penal code into effect on December 1 that, among other nefarious State powers, legitimizes extrajudicial executions.

Via Diario de Cuba:

New Cuban Penal Code: As of December 1, Provisions Facilitating Greater Repression

The new Cuban Penal Code allows the regime to perpetrate and legitimize extrajudicial executions.

On December 1, a new Penal Code comes into force in Cuba which, although as repressive as the one still in place, has been legally fine-tuned with respect to its predecessor, which indicates that the regime does not foresee medium or long-term solutions to the problems that most concern the population, including housing, or changes in the way dissent is handled.

Proof of this is that the new Code not only maintains the criminalization of homeless Cubans (mainly single women with children) who squat on empty, state-owned premises, but also expands the power of the Prosecutor to decide when this crime is criminalized in cases of the illegal occupation of privately owned property. Under the previous Code, it was only criminalized when the property occupied was state property.

Meanwhile, the Cuban regime continues to fail to comply with its own housing construction plan (even though it continues to build hotels), or to approve a new Housing Law, initially slated on the legislative timetable for July 2020.

As Carlos Lima Beltrán recently analyzed in DIARIO DE CUBA, the options left by the regime to the homeless are to sleep in the street, have their houses collapse on them, or go to jail.

Like the criminalization of poverty, the criminalization of dissent is not a novelty in the Penal Code. It existed in the one still in force and is maintained in the one that will be in force as of December 1. In this one, it only reinforces the repressive function that the penal norm provides for in Cuba.

The new code supplanted Law No. 93, of December 20, 2001, “Against Acts of Terrorism”, but not Law 88 governing the “Protection of National Independence and the Economy of Cuba,” aka the Gag Law. The Penal Code and Law 88 will coexist and remain a threat to Cubans who openly defy the Government.

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2 thoughts on “New penal code in Cuba goes into effect legitimizing the regime’s murderous oppression”

  1. This has been done to encourage the enforcers of the Cuban government. Even the guerrillas that enforce the unjust laws of Cuba must be hesitating to do their jobs. The government is so scared and disparate that it has issued “a license to kill” to its henchmen.

    I hope they are not stupid enough to believe this will absolved them. When Cuba falls (which could be any day) justice will be administered. The penalty for murder is death.

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