FIU moves controversial ‘Cuban Privilege’ book event from Coral Gables to its campus

Facing growing protests from the South Florida community, FIU has moved its “Cuban Privilege” book event to its campus and has added a Cuban American scholar to counter what many believe is a false portrayal of Cuban refugees in the U.S. by the author, Susan Eckstein.

Ariel Hernandez reports in the Gables Insider:

On Thursday, December 1st, following large community outrage over its sponsored event at Books & Books to hold an in-person evening with author Susan Eva Eckstein, Florida International University (FIU) decided to move the event and change the format.

The controversy revolved around Eckstein’s book, Cuban Privilege: The Making of Immigrant Inequality in America, which defines the perils of Cuban-American immigrants, whose rights, properties and livelihoods were stripped away by the Castro regime, as privileged.

In Books & Book’s description of Eckstein’s book, it states that, “This book is the first to reveal the full range of entitlements granted to Cubans. Initially privileged to undermine the Castro-led revolution in the throes of the Cold War, one US President after another extended new entitlements, even in the post-Cold War era. Drawing on unseen archives, interviews, and survey data, Cuban Privilege highlights how Washington, in the process of privileging Cubans, transformed them from agents of US Cold War foreign policy into a politically powerful force influencing national policy.”

FIU’s Steven J. Green School of International & Public Affairs and the FIU Cuban Research Institute were title sponsors of the event.


In a statement to the FIU community, President Kenneth A. Jessell informed the community “After learning of the event several days ago, it became clear to me that we had an opportunity to enhance it by including other points of view so that we could have a balanced and objective discussion. The event now ensures that we meet the academic rigor and standards of debate and preserve everyone’s right to express their point of view while remaining mindful and sensitive to the experiences of our community. Dr. Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat, spokesperson for the Cuban Democratic Directorate and author of ‘Cuba: The Doctrine of the Lie,’ will participate as the discussant. This format will ensure a scholarly and worthwhile discussion on an important topic.”

One has to wonder how having your country, everything you own, your dignity, and your life ripped away from you by a communist dictatorship can be seen as a “privilege,” but when it comes to Cuban Americans, they find a way.

The event is scheduled for 7 PM, December 9th, at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center on the FIU campus.

5 thoughts on “FIU moves controversial ‘Cuban Privilege’ book event from Coral Gables to its campus”

  1. Ah, FIU. Again. Imagine that. Well, it’s consistent. But, the only real remedy is for Cubans to refuse it support in any way, which of course has not been the case, is not the case now, and is highly unlikely to be the case in future. Unfortunately, lack of dignity tends to have adverse consequences (see Miami Herald).

    Oh, and this isn’t a provocation to “those people” or anything. It’s just, you know, academia being what it is.

    But, on the bright side, at least FIU’s current president is not a Cubanoid. Thank goodness for small favors.

  2. However, FIU aside, when faced for the umpteenth time with this sort of thing, we really should treat it more like finding bird shit splattered on our car. It’s disgusting, but such shit happens, just as hijeputez happens. It’s beyond delusional, certainly by now, to expect any better from aliens, let alone the usual suspects.

    We have always been alone in our catastrophe, and maybe we deserve it, because we fucked up BIG time.

  3. Goes to show you the extent of f*ckery of FIU that it took public outrage for them to try to create balance by having Dr. Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat as a co-panelist, otherwise they would have been just fine having Susan Eckstein [an agent of influence of the regime] there on stage alone spreading her propaganda and thinly disguised bigotry in a city of Cubans and in a university with enormous Cuban student body.

    That said, I am still uncomfortable that they have Dr. Duany as a moderator. Even though he is a Cuban American, he is not that different from Susan Eckstein and the likes of Guillermo Grenier, the Cuban sociologist who wrote a vile book entitled, “The Legacy of Exile” where he infamously says, “nothing is normal in the Cuban community!

    Let’s see how Duany moderates the discussion and if he doesn’t try to create imbalance in favor of Eckstein.

    • “A university with enormous Cuban student body.” Which implies FIU knows or assumes it can pull this kind of shit without significant adverse consequences–and if it can, who’s really to blame?

      • Asombra,

        Precisely! An enormous Cuban student body! I find it shocking that Cuban-American students aren’t like other students who are always agitating and protesting. If former Sheriff Arapaio from Arizona were to give a speech in UCLA, the Chicanos students would burn the school down, if Kanye West were to be invited to Yeshiva University in NYC to talk, heads would roll and if a representative of the Westboro Baptist Church were to be invited to San Francisco State University there would be riots.

        But Cubans don’t give a shit. NO wonder the castro regime has lasted so long!

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