Cubans REALLY shouldn’t have — though it made Cuba an international sensation

It occurs to me that, in all its history, Cuba has never produced anything as significant or impressive (albeit negatively) as its own implosion and ruin. It is not so much a tragedy, which is more individual and particular, as a sustained catastrophe involving millions of people over successive generations. It is more remarkable than communism in Russia or China, because those countries never knew freedom and were primed for totalitarianism. It is more aberrant than the failure of countries which have never done well and have no experience with success. It is more strange than theocratic tyranny because there was no such tradition or cultural propensity in Cuba.

In other words, in a sense, our “revolutionary” disaster is our greatest accomplishment, the most astonishing thing we’ve ever done. It must be understood that it was completely unnecessary as well as avoidable, on top of being a classic bait-and-switch con based on deliberate fraud, as in a pack of lies. The purported savior or messiah was from a seriously dysfunctional background and had VERY serious personality issues, which became monstrously toxic when enabled by practically absolute power. The theoretical underpinning for the new order came from a clearly alien source, which had nothing to do with our customs or cultural idiosyncrasy.

Then there are the results, and I don’t mean just now at what one can only hope is a terminal stage, but from the start. Everything went to hell, gradually but progressively, and only the hopelessly stupid or frankly fanatical could fail to see it. Naturally, this led to large-scale emigration, notably by those who had the most to contribute to Cuba but didn’t care to waste themselves or sacrifice their children for a perversely dystopian system. The resulting depletion or impoverishment of the human element on the island inevitably made the situation worse, as there was less and less excellence or talent and more and more political opportunism with associated inadequacy and decay.

There was also the surreal spectacle of becoming a twisted fantasy for foreigners who were either useful idiots or willfully blind, and the bitter realization that most of the world was indifferent or complicit–coupled with the ignominy of being impotent to do much about it beyond feeling revulsion and contempt (starting with our whorish “mother” and Cain-like “brothers”). And now, we live with the cruel irony that one of the main if not the main source of material support for Cuba’s dictatorship is the so-called diaspora, meaning Cubans abroad. Add to that the political indignity of what are best called Cubanoids, living in freedom but disgracing themselves and, by extension, all Cubans.

Maybe republican Cuba was a kind of magic trick, chiefly engineered by a minority of overachievers who brought prosperity and progress, but also provoked resentment and envy from lesser but more numerous Cubans. Thus, the magicians were discredited, deprived of their magic wands, and nullified or forced to leave. The new operators could not do magic but talked incessantly as if they could or would, and had the power to make everyone play along, like it or not. Thus, Cuba went from thriving, vibrant country full of promise to miserably failed third-world shithole.

A most remarkable achievement indeed, not to mention a most remarkable people.

Lord have mercy.

4 thoughts on “Cubans REALLY shouldn’t have — though it made Cuba an international sensation”

  1. As you say the fittest left. So what Cuba has remaining of its population is mostly those who didn’t have the ingenuity or the fight to leave. Therefore, those remaining either have lived under Communism for at least 60 years plus, and without adequate food or medical care and with propaganda, how are they to fight back? No weapons, time spent scrounging for food. Why do those of the Cuban diaspora criticize those who do not fight back in Cuba? It takes a suicidal tendency to have the will to fight the bastards.

    As for how Cubans behave here, I thought most of them, at least those who left Cuba, work hard and enjoy being Americans,.

    And as for those who never lived under Communism, how are they to fully understand its horrors? Look at Americans who have lived mostly free and how easily we are giving up our freedom to Communists today right here.

    • Most Cubans who left the island do work hard and appreciate living in freedom, but even one Cubanoid running around voting Dem, being PC and making sure he or she is not perceived as one of “those people” is one too many.

  2. Excellent article. I agree and feel likewise. The phenomena of the Cuban revolution should be a great topic for future historians to study and ponder and try to understand. Cuba was loved by Spain in the 1800’s, Havana was famous as an exciting city for fun and adventure in the 1940’s and 50’s. Cuban sugar, cigars and rum became world famous as the best. And yet, the revolution has eclipsed it all.

    For those on the left, Cuba must be like Shangri-La. As long as they stay in the tourist area and do not mingle with the natives, they see Cuba as the fabled “socialist paradise” they have dreamed about.

    To tourists that wander into the world of the natives, Cuba must seem like a freak show. You look at the people, the buildings, the homes, the streets and wonder how could this exists in the 21st century. What defect or what tragedy happened here? Was there a poison or toxin that destroyed their minds? Has a powerful genie cast a magical spell and cursed the nation? Are these people actually just animals? Are Cubans in Cuba like the humans in the movie “Planet of the Apes”? They look so human. The only thing you can do is stare at the bearded lady or the eight hundred pound man or the two headed lady and wonder how this is possible.

    It is painful to watch and read the stories of life in Cuba. It fills me with a mixture of sadness and rage.

    • What Spain loved about Cuba in the 1800s is that it was a major cash cow, which is a major reason why Spain was hellbent on keeping it at any cost and never got over losing it.

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