Cuban woman has been waiting 5 years for her hurricane-damaged home to be repaired

Rosa Reyes

From our Bureau of Negligent Socialist Landlords with some assistance from our Bureau of Futile Hoping and Waiting

How’s this for social justice? Your home is damaged by a hurricane, but your landlord is the government and that landlord has absolutely no interest in fixing your dwelling or finding you another one. You’re retired and living on a ridiculously inadequate pension, so forget about paying for the repairs you desperately need.

Worse yet, since your landlord not only owns absolutely everything in your country, but also jails anyone who complains about the way in which it conducts itself, you simply have no recourse.

Socialism in action. Welcome to hell on earth.

Abridged and loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Rosa Reyes, 73 years old, is the elderly Cuban woman who lost her home in 2017 after the powerful passage of Hurricane Irma through the island. Since then, she has been waiting for help from the regime, while continuing to live in precarious conditions.

According to the information provided by the Cuban journalist José Luis Estrada, this West Indian resides in the Salomé neighborhood, located in the municipality of Camagüey.

The elderly Cuban woman has been waiting since 2017 for the Castro regime to deliver the materials promised to build her house, which was severely affected after the meteorological phenomenon passed through Cuba.

“Rosa Reyes is 73 years old, she lives in the Salomé neighborhood of the municipality of Camagüey. She lost her home with the passage of Hurricane Irma in 2017 over land in Camagüey. Since then she has been waiting for the State to deliver the construction materials to build her house, ”Estrada reviewed on her Twitter account.

Mrs. Rosa Reyes, was one of those affected by the strong winds caused by Irma, which left her home in conditions not to be inhabited, however, she remains there because they have nowhere else to go, there she continues to wait for the help she never arrives.

Cases like that of this Antillean woman are many in Cuba, since thousands of Cubans live in houses affected by meteorological phenomena without the minimum conditions, due to the null support of Castroism, which prefers to build luxury hotels to attract tourists than, to offer them a better quality of life for the Cuban people.

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