Ana Belen Montes, Cuba’s highest-ranking spy in the U.S., set to be released from prison

U.S. intelligence analyst Ana Belen Montes not only betrayed her country, her espionage for Cuba’s communist Castro dictatorship also led to the deaths of Americans. Now come January, she will be a free woman. While it’s true she has served her time, one cannot deny the strong sense of injustice that this heinous individual will get to walk the streets again as a free woman after she aided in the murder of Americans and did so much to help deny freedom to others.

Hank Tester reports for CBS News:

Cuba’s top spy Ana Belen Montes gets ready to walk out of federal prison

After 20 years, Cuba’s top spy will walk out of a Texas federal lockup. 

Author and former spy catcher for the Defense Intelligence Agency Chris Simmons does not mince words, “I wish we could have kept her in there longer.”

In the 1990s Ana Belen Montes was the Defense Intelligence Agency’s top Cuban analyst. 

At the same time, she was undermining U.S. Operations in Central America, distorting the U.S. Government’s views on Cuba, burning about 450 U.S. operatives, and leaking U.S.  military information, which accusers say led to the death in El Salvador of Green Beret Sergeant Gregory A. Fronius. 

On February 24, 1996, over the straits of Florida in international air space, Cuba shot down two U.S. registered humanitarian aircraft operated by Cuban exile organization Brothers to the Rescue. 

Four pilots and volunteers died. 

Eventually, in 1998, the FBI rolls up and the feds try members of a huge Cuba spy ring based in South Florida.

Members of the group were accused of aiding Cuba in the shootdown. 

According to Simmons, “The Wasp Network was the largest foreign spy network to operate in the United States and Montes was one of Havana’s top ten assets.”

In his book, “Castro’s Nemesis,” Chris Simmons knits together the Ana Belen Montes story with the Cuban Wasp Spy network. 

Simmons was on the team that rooted out Montes and is quick to say,  “I have never seen someone so heartless in all my life.”

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  1. She’s really a kind of zombie who turned herself over completely to an evil power, and of course justice has not been served. For one thing, you’d better believe her time in jail was NOTHING compared to what it would have been in a Cuban jail. She really should be deported to Cuba now for the rest of her life.

    And don’t forget the little detail that she’s one of our “brethren.” Lord, the revulsion.

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