Cuban State Security forces human rights activist into exile

As it has done for 63 consecutive years, the socialist revolution in Cuba continues to pile up victims. The latest is human rights activist Camila Rodriguez, forced into exile after ceaseless threats from State Security.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Activist Camila Rodriguez leaves Cuba after being pressured by State Security

Human rights activist Camila Rodriguez, a member of the independent organization Justice 11J, has left Cuba under pressure by State Security.

In a message posted on Twitter, Camila explained her exit from the country and her desire to continue the struggle to free political prisoners.

“I will walk on those streets again, just as I’m again on social media calling for the release of political prisoners. I left Cuba knowing there’s no other way to fulfill my responsibility to get all those who have been jailed back home,” said the young Cuban woman,

She explained that “during the eight months since the sustained repression and harassment began, Justice 11J never stopped denouncing and being consistent with its commitments.”

During this period, she and her colleagues from the Justice 11J organization accompanied and guided family members of political prisoners and said that they will continue doing that.

The organization said that Camila’s case is not isolated. Weeks earlier, three other of the group’s founding activists were forced into exile after suffering “persecution for their work as journalists and activists.”

Since the beginning of the year, Camila Rodriguez has denounced the harassment by State Security. The Cuban activist said State Security pressured her and her family with phone calls from unknown numbers, posting agents outside her home, and subjecting her to several interrogations.

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  1. The Cuban government needs as many people as possible out in the real world so they can send money back to Cuba. Abusive dictators have got to live to, don’t ya know.

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