Another new 5-star LUXURY apartheid hotel opens in Cuba

From our Bureau of Praiseworthy Leftist Apartheid with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Equity and Social Justice

Don’t expect howls of disapproval from any of the usual suspects. The fact that Castro, Inc. and its foreign partners continue to add LUXURY hotels to its apartheid tourist industry doesn’t bother them one bit. In fact, their reaction is just the opposite.

The fact that Cubans are barred from these LUXURIOUS enclaves is viewed by them as not only justifiable, but laudable. Castro, Inc. can do no wrong. Repeat this mantra: Castro, Inc. can do no wrong, Castro, Inc. can do no wrong, Castro, Inc. can do no wrong, Castro, Inc. can do no wrong, Castro, Inc. can do no wrong . . .

Repeating this mantra throughout the day will bring you to enlightenment soon enough. Call it leftist satori, or awakening. Aaaah, imagine, being as enlightened as El Niuyortain, the Marx Sisters, most American and European intellectuals and academics, and all Canadians.

Total bliss. Then book yourself a LUXURY beachfront villa the brand spanking new Gran Muthu Cayo Santa María. Bask in the sunlight as you enjoy your feeling of superiority.

Check out this Canadian website for more information. And check out the video above for overabundant titillation.

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

The growth in Cuba’s hotel industry does not stop despite the fact that most of the available rooms remain unused, since there is not enough tourism. A few hours ago, the Asian hotel chain MGM Muthu Hotels inaugurated a new five-star luxury facility on the northern keys of the Villa Clara province.

According to reports from the official press, it is the Gran Muthu Cayo Santa María, located on the first strip of beach of that paradisiacal key in the central region of Cuba.

The facility operates under the all-inclusive system and has 846 villa-style suites, most of them with views of the sea or the immense gardens that surround the architecture. The hotel has two swimming pools, a sports area, a gym, a kids’ club and one of the biggest Cigar lounges in the area.

Regarding gastronomy, it has a gigantic buffet restaurant and several smaller restaurants specialized in international cuisine and Cuban cuisine. In addition, it has three bars located next to the pool, the beach and the lobby.

In the beach area guests are offered marine activities such as sailing in sailing boats and snorkeling.

For MGM Muthu Hotels, this is its tenth hotel facility in Cuba and it plans to open an eleventh soon.

According to the company’s web portal, on the occasion of the opening there is a 35% discount available on reservations for a week or more. The cheapest room for a couple is the Junior Suite with garden views. That one has a price of 219 dollars a night, something totally disproportionate for the salary of a Cuban, for which the visit of a national to that facility as a tourist is almost ruled out.

If the guest wants to have an ocean view, he must pay more than 100 additional dollars, that is, the cost per night increases to 331 dollars.

6 thoughts on “Another new 5-star LUXURY apartheid hotel opens in Cuba”

  1. Yes, because the usual suspects can be as hypocritical as they want. That has been totally “normalized.” And yes, they know we know they’re hypocrites, but that only adds to their satisfaction. As in “Fuck you.”

    However, this degree of hypocrisy is pretty flagrant, not to say obscene, which is an indication of the kind of mentality we’re dealing with. It’s not just that they don’t care, but that they don’t see it as wrong.

  2. Dr. Eire, [and Asombra!] allow me to disagree with you, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. The New York Times is the paper of record, and the Europeans and especially all the Canadians can’t all be wrong. Your problem is that you’re all nothing more than arrogant and privileged Cubans. Go to Susan Eckstein’s upcoming lecture at FIU or get a copy of her book “Cuban Privilege” and learn a little about yourselves.

  3. Rayarena uses impeccable logic. All Europeans and all Canadians cannot be wrong. How do you know this? Have you met them all? Have they all visited Cuba? The New York Times is the paper of record? What does that mean? Half of the US thinks the NY Times is fake news.

    Those who are willing to discuss things are the ones who focus on truth. Those who insult and shut down discussion reject the truth.

  4. The hotel looks nice but I don’t think it would be any fun. The whole place only had ten people and most of them worked there. The attractive lady walking on the beach must be a psychopath to vacation all by herself. Seems like a horror movie scene. At night the zombies start coming out.

    I began working at the age of 15 as a janitor at a Russell Stover chocolate store. I got the below minimum wage job due to my “Cuban Privilege”. The store had plastic displays of chocolates in the windows that looked real. It made me wonder if all of that buffet food was real.

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