Video of the Day: Cuba’s sock puppet president tries to speak English, hilarity ensues

During a visit to St. Vincent, the communist Castro dictatorship’s sock puppet president Miguel Diaz-Canel attempted to say some words in English, and the Cuban people are roasting him for it.

Cubans went on social media to comment on the puppet’s foray into English speaking (via ADN Cuba – my translation):

“Was Diaz Canel taught English by the same professor from Oriente they trotted out a few months ago? Such great pronunciation, with the same drawl in which he stammers through in Spanish. Clown shows go and clown shows come, together with the uselessness in solving even one problem,” wrote Professor Moises Leonardo on Twitter.

Other comments on Twitter: “The truth is no one has taught him English. He read the phonetic words from a piece of paper.” “Instead of saying LOVE, he said LOST. What English?” “He’s got the brain of a chicken, all he knows how to do is read from a piece of paper. And pass down orders to oppress because those come from Raul.”

In a video of the event, the Cuban leader painfully tried to read a text in English from a piece of paper before the perplexed looks of the official translator from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

You hate to make fun of someone for trying to speak another language, but this communist scumbag deserves no mercy.

2 thoughts on “Video of the Day: Cuba’s sock puppet president tries to speak English, hilarity ensues”

  1. This is what happens when people who are essentially faking it try to get a little fancy and fall on their face. Part of the problem is that he does not have suitable support staff or is too stupid to see he needs support. His wife has a similar problem regarding the way she’s packaged, especially for foreign trips.

    Obviously, he should have spoken in Spanish and left the matter up to the translator, who was there for that. Idiot.

  2. Some people sound stupid but they are in fact smart. Others sound smart but they are stupid. Apparently some both sound and are in fact stupid.

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