Foreign tourists and communist party elite in Cuba get meat, Cubans get the bones

Cubans continue to have a difficult time finding meat through ration books or state-owned stores, but the Castro regime apparently has plenty of bones to sell them.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

A resident from the Camagüey province is criticizing the sale of bones to the people and says the government cannot speak about food sovereignty when all it gives them is refuse.

“These are the bones they’re selling to the people in a market located on Republica street in the city of Camagüey,” said professor and journalist Jose Luis Tan Estrada on Facebook.

“What food sovereignty are we talking about? How can they go to other countries to hold conferences on food security and nutrition while their people are getting the refuse,” Tan Estrada asked. He is referring to a recent conference on “food security” that Cuban experts held at an international forum in Panama sponsored by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization.

“Cuba advances, and they get the meat while the Cuban on the street gets the bones,” he said in a post that featured images of the “product.”

At some point, all those bones the communist regime’s pot-bellied oligarchs are selling Cubans had meat on them, but it’s not the Cuban people who are getting it. In the meantime, there’s no shortage of prime cuts of beef, fish, and lobster at the dictatorship’s apartheid resorts or on the tables of the ruling elite. This is socialism in action.

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