New York Times alarmed by current Cuban exodus, warns readers to begin mourning for the so-called ‘Revolution’

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“Of course I am going to keep on throwing myself into the sea until I get there. Or if the sea wants to take my life, so be it.”ROGER GARCÍA ORDAZ, who said he has tried 11 times to leave Cuba for the United States.

New York Times “Quotation of the Day” 10 December 2022

You know some statement about Castrogonia must be very alarming to leftists when it is printed in El Niuyortain as the “Quotation of the Day” and it is given the following subtitle: “Largest Exodus Imperils Future of Ailing Cuba”

The NYT article from which the quote has been lifted has an even more ominous title: “‘Cuba Is Depopulating’: Largest Exodus Yet Threatens Country’s Future.” And the subtitle sums up their take on this exodus: “The pandemic and tougher U.S. sanctions have decimated Cuba’s economy, prompting the biggest migration since Fidel Castro rose to power.”

Notice, it is not the repressive and destructive policies of Castro, Inc. that are creating the exodus, according to authors Ed Augustin and Frances Robles. No, of course not. This is all due to “the pandemic and tougher U.S. sanctions”, which have “decimated Cuba’s economy.” Yes, the economy was doing fine until Covid and Trump showed up. And, oh, also please notice that Fidel did not “seize” power violently. No, he simply “rose” to power.

Remember the progressive mantra: “Castro, Inc. can do no wrong, Castro, Inc. can do no wrong, Castro, Inc. can do no wrong …” Keep repeating it, over and over, and add another mantra: “Blame the blockade, blame the blockade, blame the blockade…”

Yeah. Castro, Inc.’s favorite newspaper is alarmed and saddened by this exodus. Notice the spin: Communist Cuba is “ailing” (awwwww, sob, sob, sniff) and its future is “imperiled” (awwwww, sob, sob, sniff) . What future are they talking about? Its communist future, of course. If too many Cubans were to leave the island, it would mean that the so-called Revolution must have failed, and that there won’t be enough Cubans left on the island to continue that so-called Revolution and keep the communist dream alive.

Notice, too, that the current massive exodus is not interpreted as a good thing that might lead to the end of Cuba’s 64-year-old dictatorship, which might then cause a reverse migration of two million capitalist Cubans currently in exile who would be able to rebuild Cuba and turn it from a third world hellhole into a prosperous nation.

God forbid this should happen. It would mean the end of enslavement for the Cuban people. Yikes! Imagine that! Cubans could no longer serve as icons of noble savagery. And it would also mean that ALL Cubans could have a chance to be privileged, not just the Cubans in exile, which is already bad enough. Leftist stealth racism demands that Inferior people should never become privileged. Never.

Victims of the “blockade” seeking a privileged life in U.S.A.

Bonus information: From Coast Guard News:

Coast Guard Cutters Raymond Evans and Charles David Jr.s’ crews repatriated 152 Cubans to Cuba, Saturday, following interdictions off Florida’s coast.

Since Oct. 1, 2022, Coast Guard crews interdicted 2,982 Cubans compared to:

6,182 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2022
838 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2021
49 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2020
313 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2019
259 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2018
1,468 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2017
5,396 Cuban Migrants in Fiscal Year 2016

4 thoughts on “New York Times alarmed by current Cuban exodus, warns readers to begin mourning for the so-called ‘Revolution’”

  1. How else would the NYT spin, I mean see the matter? It cannot help it; it is simply its nature, like the scorpion in the story with the frog. It is intrinsically perverse; the best that can be said for it is that it suffers from a mental disorder which it cannot control and which dictates its actions. It has been screwing Cubans since even before Fidel Castro “rose to power” (with the help of the NYT). And no, it will never come clean. Santocielo, el asco, el insondable asco.

  2. The authors have done this sort of number before, and very likely will again, but it hardly matters who they are. The NYT can always get such people to do such work, and it employs them to do what it wants done.

    As for the inherent insult to our intelligence, the offensive presumptuousness to genuine understanding, the faux concern for Cuba’s welfare, and the plaintive sorrow over the possible end of the “revolutionary” wet dream, it’s all par for the course, even assuming it’s not deliberately meant to piss off “those people” (which is not out of the question). In a way, it is a distillation of the position of all the usual suspects.

  3. However, there is one thing for which we can be grateful to the NYT. It is a prime example of why Cubans should never depend on the supposed kindness of strangers, meaning aliens, regardless of their reputation. There is NO substitute for dealing with one’s own problems and taking care of one’s own business.

  4. For what it’s worth, Augustin is described as British and Robles as a Hispanic native New Yorker. She could be of Puerto Rican extraction, and presumably Augustin is also Hispanic. I doubt either of them is Cuban. They remind me of the Colombian Londoño, previously utilized by the NYT as a would-be Cuba expert. I suppose as long as the person is “Latin,” that’s good enough for the NYT in terms of Cuba coverage. Still, it’s less offensive than the old Miami Herald ploy of using Cubanoids to deal with Cuba-related matters.

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