Cuba’s Public Transportation Minister admits gross failure of the entire system he directs

Rare image of a Cuban bus in service

From our Bureau of Socialist Honesty in Statistics and Promise-Making with some assistance from our Buró de Guaguas Difuntas (Bureau of Dead Buses)

Add this to the long list of plagues buffeting Cuba: a high mortality rate for public transportation vehicles. They’ve been dropping dead at a steady rate, felled by one of the most devastating plague in the world: SOCIALIST DYSFUNCTION SYNDROME (SDS), an ideological pandemic that has a powerful negative effect on machines of all sorts and on the infrastructure needed for a civilized life.

Castro, Inc.’s transportation minister had to admit this past week that 58% of Cuba’s buses are out of commission, and that in some provinces the percentage of dead vehicles is as high as 77%..

And, as anyone who knows the real Cuba will tell you: if the Minister of Transportation releases such figures, the real number of dead buses must be a lot higher.

As usual — and as required by socialist bureaucratic etiquette– the minister promised to fix this problem. Yes, all will be well, and all things shall be well, and all manner of things will be well. Repeat this mantra over and over, as required by socialist spirituality, and you will not sink into despair. Not until you need to catch a bus, anyway . . . or a truck, whatever the case may be.

Patient passengers line up for a very comfortable ride in Santiago de Cuba

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The Castro regime had no other option than to recognize the public transport crisis that the island is going through, where Cubans have no way to get to their jobs or daily chores.

The communist transport minister himself, Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, acknowledged that the supposed transport plan of the dictatorship was only 59% fulfilled during this year 2022.

The Castro representative said that in 2022 it was estimated to transport 1,733 million passengers, which represents 17% less than what was agreed before the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, but this figure was not even met, since it was only it was able to move 1,500 million passengers on public transport this year, according to a report by the official Cubadebate media.

The transport minister wanted to justify this inefficiency by saying that it is due to the low coefficient of technical availability (CDT) of the vehicle fleet for public mobility in the country, fuel limitations and losses in transport companies.

The Castro representative himself said that the transport companies do not have vehicles available, since only 42% of the fleet is capable of functioning and some provinces such as Santiago de Cuba have only 23%, Guantánamo 26% and Pinar del Río 30%.

The lack of public transport in Cuba is a problem that dates back years, but the dictatorship does nothing to solve it, although every year it makes false promises that it ends up not fulfilling, as is the case in this case.

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  1. I have a cousin that was a mechanical engineer in Cuba. His job consisted of keeping ancient autos and buses operating. There are no replacement parts made for these old vehicles. The “fixes” must be engineered. Replacement parts designed and machined or the whole mechanism redesigned from existing mechanical materials.

    That cousin is now living in Miami which explains the source of the current problem. And before you ask – no he does not want to live in Havana again. His job in Miami pays 200 times more than his old engineering job. I know, I know hard to believe but it is true.

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