Enslaved Cuban doctors purchased by Qatar also used for political propaganda

The sale of Cuban medical professionals as slave labor to foreign nations is a multi-billion dollar business for the communist Castro dictatorship, and for clients such as Qatar, a political propaganda tool as well.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Report: Qatar Using Cuban Slave Doctors to ‘Influence Local Politics’

The human rights organization Cuban Prisoners Defenders published a report Tuesday accusing the Mideast emirate of Qatar of funding and benefiting from Cuba’s slave doctor industry — and forcing enslaved health workers to promote Doha’s “political agendas.”


Most of Cuba’s known doctor slavery operations are stationed in Latin America and Africa, where countries such as Zimbabwe, Angola, and Sierra Leone have long welcomed Cuban communist healthcare operations. The Cuban Prisoners Defenders report highlighted a large “medical collaboration” project in the heart of the Middle East, made up of over 500 health workers as of 2020.

Anonymous Cuban doctors speaking to Cuban Prisoners Defenders said that those shipped to Qatar never chose to do so and “did not know their final destination until they arrived there.”

“Their passports are permanently withheld by Cuban authorities as soon as they cross the border, and they are under constant surveillance,” the doctors reportedly said. “They are under curfew in their residences and cannot stay overnight in any place other than the one assigned by the Cuban government in Qatar.”

Notably, in addition to any medical work they are forced into, the doctors said they had to engage in political propaganda projects – similar to what defecting doctors have testified to experiencing in leftist countries such as Bolivia and Venezuela. Unlike those socialist governments, Qatar is an Islamist state run under a sharia system, leaving open-ended exactly how the Cuban doctors were expected to support the emirate.

“They are forced to fulfill political agendas and tasks among the native population, so they are used to influence the local politics of the rulers,” the doctors told Cuban Prisoners Defenders.

The doctors said that the Castro regime keeps about 90 percent, sometimes up to 94 percent, of the salaries that Qatar offers them as part of their contracts.

Read the entire report HERE.

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  1. The Cuban female doctors must really enjoy Qatar. Glad to see they are all wearing masks. Makes them appear less human and easier to abuse.

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