Cuba Thaw 2.0: Biden admin making ‘discrete progress’ in talks with Cuba’s dictatorship

According to Cuba’s communist dictatorship, progress is being made through “discreet” talks with the U.S. regarding relations with the U.S., which is great news for the Castro regime, bad news for the Cuban people.

Via MSN:

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel admitted on Wednesday “discreet” progress in bilateral relations between his administration and the United States, despite the sanctions imposed by Washington.

“Very discreet steps have been taken, aimed at setting bilateral cooperation on the road to the fulfillment of the migratory agreements and also in other priority areas between both countries,” the Cuban president said, according to the Cuba Debate news portal.

Thus, he highlighted the U.S. initiative of technical assistance offered during the fire in the supertanker port of Matanzas, in addition to the material aid accepted on the occasion of a hurricane in September.

“Our objective continues to be to promote broader ties with that country and its people, which already includes close to two million people of Cuban origin or descendants,” he added before emphasizing that the willingness to build a “respectful and mutually beneficial relationship” is known to the U.S. government.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it before. During Obama’s last year in office, he sent his officials to conduct secret talks with the communist regime in Havana, which set up Cuba Thaw 1.0. That disastrous policy, which included an embarrassing visit to Cuba by Obama, led to a series of unilateral concessions by the U.S. and the release of Cuban spies jailed in the U.S. for their part in the murder of four American pilots from Brothers to the Rescue.

In return for virtually nothing of value, Obama’s Cuba Thaw 1.0 opened up the cash spigot into Cuba, which the Castro dictatorship immediately used to fund its machine of oppression. The Cuban regime got richer and more powerful, while the Cuban people got poorer and more oppressed.

There’s no reason to believe Cuba Thaw 2.0 will be any better, and plenty of reasons to believe it will be worse.

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  1. I expect “His Holiness” knows more about this business than we do. He was certainly in on Obama’s “normalization” up to the tip of his zuchetto. And since Biden is (nominally) Catholic, well, do the math.

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