RSF 2022 press freedoms report lists Cuba dead last in Latin America

Another glorious achievement for the Castro dictatorship’s socialist revolution as Reporters Without Borders once again lists communist Cuba dead last in Latin America for press freedom. In terms of its worldwide rank, the island nation ruled by the communist Castro dictatorship for more than six decades didn’t fare much better, ranking 171 out of 180 countries

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

“Cuba remains, year in and year out, the worst country for press freedom in Latin America,” says the 2022 report from Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The island governed by the regime of the Communist Party placed 173 out of 180 countries.

From a possible 100 points, this year Cuba only scored 27.32, a score lower than the previous year’s 36.06, where it ranked 171 on the index.

RSF warned that “distrust of the press is growing in the region, fueled by anti-media rhetoric and the trivialization of the stigmatizing discourse of politicians, especially in Brazil (110 on the Index), Cuba (173), Venezuela (159), Nicaragua (160), and El Salvador (112).” RSF described the environment in which journalists continue to work in these countries as “harmful” and “toxic.”

As noted above, press freedoms in Cuba have worsened as increased protests and discontent as prompted the Castro dictatorship to increase repression and further crackdown on dissent. Combine that with a new penal law that criminalizes most forms of dissent and protest, and Cuba is well on its way to the bottom of the RSF list.