Shocking! Imprisoned Cuban dissidents locked in punishment cells for denouncing torture inflicted upon them

Fernando Vazquez Guerra

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice

Yes, this is shocking indeed . . . for the Marx Sisters, Uncle Bernie, and Company. Try a thought experiment. Try to think as they do. Try to see the world through their lenses.

Imagine the effrontery of these imprisoned miscreants. First, they refuse to be grateful for all the wonderful social and economic progress created by the Revolution. Ingrates. Then, when they’re rightfully imprisoned for their thought crimes, they dare to complain about the punishment rightfully imposed on them for their ingratitude.

How dare they! Off to the punishment cells! This is socialist social justice at its finest. Such compassion. They really deserve a slow and painful death, but socialism teaches everyone to respect the sanctity of life and the kinship that binds all humans as brethren (as long as their thinking isn’t incorrect).

Yeah, sure….

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Political prisoner Fernando Vázquez Guerra had to be hospitalized after being locked up for 12 days in a punishment cell in the Kilo 7 prison, in Camagüey.

The coordinator of the opposition Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), detained a year ago in the Kilo 7 prison, recently denounced various methods of torture, known as crucifixion and rack, that are used in prison against inmates, and drew attention to other abuses against the prison population. His complaint was reflected on our website and also reached other news outlets, such as the Univisión network.

Fernando Vázquez’s complaint identified the victims and those responsible, among whom were the prison authorities, and also detailed the methods of torture.

“I am in detachment 2 in Kilo 7. Here they are torturing people. I am going to give names: a prisoner known as Percherón, another known as Burberry, another from the province of Ciego de Ávila called José Luis Cuellar Rodríguez, another from the province of Las Tunas called Ramón Ernesto Ricardo Parra and they tortured prisoner Adalberto Sánchez Ramos, handcuffed on a bed known as El Potro… Those responsible for this torture are the Unit Chief Captain Leonardo, he has the nickname “El Tailandés” because he hits the prisoners even with his elbows and Head of Internal Order known as “El Mellizo”, also a guard who passes count who is called Hanoi and another with the last name Medina”, declared the opponent.

“The reasons why they torture is because the prisoners stand up asking for a better diet, or that they review their file because they are poorly sanctioned, making any other demand and what they do is handcuff them on ‘the colt’ in the infirmary on a bed without cardboard (…) The inmates are handcuffed to the bars of the bed for days, without being given the chance to go to the bathroom; they defecate and urinate on themselves. So, their jailers throw buckets of water at them and keep them wet like that,” Vázquez narrated.

Whole story HERE in Spanish