Cuban dictatorship thanks the U.S. for $2 million in aid with no strings attached

The Cuban dictatorship took an extraordinary step when it publicly professed its appreciation for the $2 million in aid the US. will be sending the Castro dictatorship next month (via ADN Cuba – my translation):

The Cuban dictatorship expressed its “appreciation” for $2 million in aid it will receive from the U.S. in January for the “repair of roofs and homes” damaged by Hurricane Ian in September. The remarks were made by Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, the regime’s Foreign Relations Vice-Minister.

During the XX Edition of Conversations “Cuba within the scope of U.S. Foreign policy,” held on Wednesday, De Cossio said the Biden administration offered humanitarian aid to the regime “without any political conditions.”

Of course the communist Castro dictatorship appreciates the sudden windfall of free cash with no strings attached, not a penny of which will likely ever reach the Cuban people. And the more money the Biden administration sends with zero concessions demanded and nothing expected in return, the more appreciative the Cuban regime will be.

It seems Cuba Thaw 2.0 is picking up right where Cuba Thaw 1.0 left off.

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