Wife of fake Cuban president is awarded doctorate in education for writing a dissertation about her job

Castrogonia’s two leading scientists, Dr. Trucutú Díaz-Canel and Dr. Lis Cuesta (For the full horror of the t-shirts worn by Dr. Trucutú and Dr. Cuesta, go HERE)

From our Bureau of Socialist Hijinks in Higher Education with some assistance from our Bureau of Doctoral Dissertations That Can Be Used As a Form of Extreme Torture When Read Out Loud to Political Prisoners

Lis Cuesta –who is called “First Lady” by the Ministry of Truth — must now be addressed as Doctor Cuesta, after receiving a doctoral degree in education. This momentous change in status was announced by none other than her husband, Trucutú Díaz-Canel, who proudly boasted of their common “love for science.”

Science, yes. The subject of Doctor Cuesta’s thesis was her own job as a “pedagogue” specializing in “the export of academic services” at one of the many tourism-related agencies of Castro, Inc.

Translation: her agency markets and sells courses, workshops and events for foreigners. Translation of the translation: she specializes in feeding propaganda to foreigners.

Trucutú has a doctorate too. He “earned” it last year, while serving as fake president. As one might assume, his field of expertise is political science and economics, two areas in which he has distinguished himself as a repressive and buffoonish failure.

His doctoral thesis “Methodology for the management of the economic and social development plan of Cuba.” is read out loud to all political prisoners 24 hours a day, seven days a week: an unbearable form of torture that creates permanent brain damage,, similar to that caused by the sonic attacks known as “Havana Syndrome”. So, now that Mrs. Trucutú has written her own thesis, political prisoners can expect to be tortured with it too.

Dr. Cuesta, expert in pedagogy

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Lis Cuesta Peraza, first lady of Cuba, discussed her doctoral thesis on Friday, dedicated to analyzing her own work at the head of the Paradiso agency of the Ministry of Culture (MINCULT).

This is how Miguel Díaz-Canel made it known on his Twitter profile, where he shared a photo of his partner’s presentation, accompanied by the text: “Today she, Lis Cuesta, defended her doctoral thesis: ‘Pedagogical model for the export of academic services at the Paradiso agency’. Today I felt her closer than ever. Everything unites us. Also the passion for science”.

Díaz-Canel, who received a doctorate in Science last year, has emphasized the need to apply research to the development of Cuba, although his government allocates very little of its annual budget to this field. Her thesis was entitled “Government management system based on science and innovation for sustainable development in Cuba.”

Likewise, the president acts as tutor of the doctoral thesis of Alejandro Gil, vice president and minister of Economy and Planning. He faces his scientific degree from the University of Pinar del Río, with the study “Methodology for the management of the economic and social development plan of Cuba.”

Lis Cuesta, who introduces herself on her Twitter profile as “Cuban, grandmother, revolutionary, teacher, coordinator of events and culture-tourism for the Ministry of Culture”, has a degree in Pedagogy specializing in Spanish and Literature, and she taught for a short time at the Holguín School of Economics.

She later held positions in the Culture sector of that province, including director of the Provincial Center for Books and Literature. After becoming Díaz-Canel’s partner, she has been in charge of MINCULT’s Paradiso agency in Havana, which markets courses, workshops and events for foreigners.

Continue reading HERE in Spanish to learn more about Mrs.Trucutú’s many talents and accomplishments.

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  1. They are, essentially, tacky buffoons, befitting a country reduced to a cosmically bad joke. Practically all they do and say (and wear) is an insult to the Cuban people, who certainly did not pick them to be their “First Couple,” or anything else, for that matter. These two are practically laughing at Cubans, though it is possible if not probable that they are both too stupid to realize how offensive they are. Appalling.

  2. And while it hardly matters, the second photo clinches what was already evident–that Cuesta has no clue when it comes to packaging herself, which is not helping her any. Of course, everything in Cuba is so debased that there are no standards to speak of, but one would think they could get someone to help her.

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