New York Times publishes swastika-shaped crossword puzzle on first day of Hanukkah

All resemblances to swastikas are purely accidental: Please ignore what you see

“Oh, of course it’s NOT a swastika”…. Ahem. . . [awkward silence]

“This is a common crossword design,” said a Niuyortain spokesperson, adding: “Many open grids in crosswords have a similar spiral pattern because of the rules around rotational symmetry and black squares,”

Some in the Jewish community are not accepting any such lame excuses from the Sacred Scriptures of the Self-Anointed Thinking Class.

From The Yeshiva World

The New York Times, whose hatred for Jews has been documented for decades, and which has been going on attack after attack against religious Jews, has now stooped to a new, shocking low: creating a crossword puzzle whose silhouette bears an uncanny resemblance to a Nazi swastika.

Orthodox Jews can now accept the Times’ Sunday puzzle as a “Chanukah gift” from the same publication that kept the systemic murder of 6 million Jews off the front covers of its papers.

The disturbing crossword puzzle was published for the Times’ Sunday publication and prompted condemnation from Jewish groups and leaders.

4 thoughts on “New York Times publishes swastika-shaped crossword puzzle on first day of Hanukkah”

  1. OK, let’s say it was not intentional. But didn’t anybody look at the thing before running it and realize it COULD easily be taken as a very sick Freudian slip, so to speak? Don’t they have editors for that?

    Alas, I expect secular Jews will give the NYT a pass and even virtue signal about how cool they are.

    This reminds me of the incident with “His Holiness” and the Marxist crucifix. WTF were victims of communism supposed to think? That it was a cute gesture? That he was too hip to get upset?

    Lord have mercy.

  2. And by the way, it occurs to me that religious (especially Orthodox) Jews could be seen as analogous to “those people,” looked down upon as hopelessly trasnochados, to borrow a term from “His Holiness.”

    And I’m sorry, but this kind of carelessness, if such it was, is simply unacceptable from a NY newspaper, meaning the appropriate response is NOT defensive denial but the most convincing mea culpa possible.

  3. It’s true, of course, that the swastika was around for ages before the Nazis appropriated and poisoned it. It is found, for instance, in Buddhist iconography, where it has absolutely no connection to Nazism. However, this incident remains unacceptable, and it should not be dismissed with what amounts to “get over it.”

  4. This symbol originates from the Hindu religion. It represents the first noble people which were called Aryan in India. The symbol originally meant not superior race but superior goodness. Like all things that Lucifer does, he takes the things of God and perverts it. Thus, Hitler used it for his symbol of the “superior race” and of hatred for the things of God. Hatred of God and all of God’s creation is the war of our day. Destroy marriage, destroy virtue, destroy male and female, destroy the unborn child, destroy truth, destroy law and order, destroy individual freedoms, glorify violence, and promote military conflict at every opportunity. The war rages in the headlines of our nation every day.

    Choose this day who you will serve.

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