Cuban activist living in Bolivia expelled from that country for criticizing the Castro dictatorship

Magdiel Jorge Castro

If you want to know how the long the Castro regime’s arms really are, they reach all the way to Bolivia. The Bolivian government has kicked Magdiel Jorge Castro out of the country for criticizing their communist ally.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Bolivia orders the expulsion of Cuban activist Magdiel Jorge Castro for his criticism of the island’s regime

Cuban human rights activist Magdiel Jorge Castro has received an expulsion order from Bolivia, the country where he legally resides, for his criticism of the current situation in Cuba on social media.

Summoned to the Immigration office in Santa Cruz de la Sierra where he lives, he was handed an order of expulsion for three years. He must comply with the order within 15 days and was only given three business days to appeal the order.

In a statement made to CubaNet, Magdiel Jorge Castro said the reason for his expulsion is his social media activism against the Cuban dictatorship and the human rights violations that take place in Cuba.

He added that when he was summoned, he was shown a file with all the posts he’s written on social media, which is the same tactic used by Cuban State Security.

During his conversation with CubaNet, Jorge Castro made clear that his activism is focused on democracy in Cuba and none of his posts address issues in Bolivia. He also insisted that he has abided by all immigration laws during his entire time in Bolivia,

“I haven’t even gotten a traffic ticket. This is purely a political case,” he said.

Denouncing his expulsion on social media, the opposition leader said it was shameful the government of Bolivia was using its government offices to give Havana the right to have a citizen expressing his political opinions kicked out of a country.

“It is absolutely shameful that Bolivian democracy’s National Office of Immigration is being used by the Cuban government to restrict the freedom of expression of its citizens abroad through the use of expulsions,” he said.

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  1. Well, say what you will about Bolivia, but its people are better off now than people in Cuba, which was NOT the case before 1959–not even close. But hey, there’s “free” (third-world) health care, so there is that.

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