Cuban dissident José Daniel Ferrer beaten, tortured, refused clean drinking water as he continues hunger strike

José Daniel Ferrer

From our Bureau of Extreme Socialist Compassion and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Horrifically Slow Martyrdoms

How’s this for socialist compassion? As soon as José Daniel Ferrer declared he was on a hunger strike, Castro, Inc.’s prison guards began to beat him mercilessly and to deny him clean drinking water.

Given that Ferrer’s imprisonment has been condemned by Amnesty International and all major human rights organizations on earth, as well as many governments, one must assume that Castro, Inc. must have decided to kill him. That would solve Castro, Inc.’s problem, wouldn’t it? They could always say he is at fault for starving himself to death, as they have done numerous times in the past.

Murdering prisoners has been a common practice in Castrogonia since the day the Castro dynasty assumed the throne nearly 64 years ago. Just yesterday, another imprisoned dissident, José Díaz Silva, was stripped naked and threatened with death by some of his prison guards. “We’re going to kill you,” said the guards, as they mixed detergent with the small amount of sugar he had in his cell.

José Díaz Silva: stripped naked and threatened with death

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The torture inflicted on José Daniel Ferrer has not stopped at the Mar Verde prison; in fact, it increases with every passing day.

His sister, Ana Belkis Ferrer, denounced that the opposition leader continues to be subjected to the worst possible conditions inside the prison located in Santiago de Cuba, a fact that was confirmed after the visit of her son, which lasted just a couple of minutes. .

And it should be noted that it was not a common visit, since the son of the UNPACU leader was allowed to see his father only from the corridor where his punishment cell is located, as if he were the worst criminal in the world.

“Castro thugs took him to the corridor of the punishment cell, where they have kept him confined for 16 months and four days. From the outside, through prison bars, he could see the brave UNPACU leader lying on top of a cement slab, which the communist Castro-Canel dictatorship calls a “bed”, unable to stand up due to his weakness. after 11 hard, cruel and torturing days on a hunger strike, with severe stomach pains, headaches and pain all over his weakened and deteriorated body”, reads the publication by Ana Belkis.

As if that were not enough, she revealed that José Daniel Ferrer is consuming dirty water, since the “clean” one ran out approximately four days ago, or at least that’s what the guards claim.

His relatives confirmed that, after declaring a hunger strike, the cowardly thugs continued to beat him brutally, leaving him almost unconscious, according to his own sister.

For this reason, Ana Belkis Ferrer called for solidarity with all those people and organizations in general, to demand the release of the political prisoner, whose life is increasingly in danger. “We hold Raúl Castro, Díaz-Canel and the entire leadership in power,” she said.