Another repressive thug for Cuban dictatorship is identified, along with some accomplices

From our Bureau of Unmasked Socialist Henchmen

Every now and then the identity of one of Castro, Inc.’s henchmen is revealed. They operate under a cloud of secrecy and usually hide their names under assumed monikers.

Here are today’s revelations:

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The identification of another Castroite repressor of Cuba came to light so that he would be recognized by Cubans anywhere.

This is Daniel Primelles, who has participated in acts that attempt against Cubans.

The information was offered by the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights, in a message posted on Twitter, where they highlight that this person has participated in acts that violate human rights.

“Internal order officer Daniel Primelles. He has been the author of acts that constitute human rights violations and / or cruel, inhuman and degrading acts, ”says the message published by the organization on the aforementioned social network.

The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights, has published on other occasions, more names of Cubans in charge of participating in cruel and inhumane acts against their own people and sent by the Castro regime.

Other recently identified Castroite repressors are: Sub-Officer Nolberto Pérez, Lieutenant Colonel Jesús Martínez, Major Juan Carlos Cruz Guillén, and Captain Arnaldo Martín Cárdenas, who join the list of Castroite officers who threaten the tranquility of the cubans.

Nolberto Pérez, Jesús Martínez, Juan Carlos Cruz Guillén, and Arnaldo Martín Cárdenas