Seven-year prison sentence imposed on Cuban pastor denounced by World Christian Solidarity

The pastor and his family

From our Bureau of Socialist Spirituality and Mysticism with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Compassion, Toleration, and Social Justice

Cuban pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo has already served one year of his seven-year prison sentences for his participation in the 11 July protests in 2021.

Christian organizations have come to his defense, but to no avail. World Christian Solidarity exposed the unjust trial and sentencing in great detail six months ago, but Castro, Inc. is not budging, even though his case has been brought to the attention of the United Nations. As one might expect, Castro, Inc. knows it has the UN in its pocket.

So, the pastor rots in prison, along with over a thousand other Cubans who dared to demand freedom out in public. This is socialist spirituality in action. Silencing those who dare to disagree is one of the most sacred rituals of socialism, and revered as conducive to mystical ecstasy in those who do the silencing.

The pastor on 11 July 2021

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The organization that defends religious freedom, World Christian Solidarity, reiterated this Wednesday its request for the release of imprisoned Cuban pastor Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo, one year after his seven-year prison sentence for his participation in the protests on July 11, 2021 in Palma Soriano.

“The sentence was only communicated to the Santiago pastor and his family months later. We continue to call for his immediate and unconditional release,” CSW said on Twitter.

In June of this year, the organization referred to the trial against the religious leader, held months earlier, and denounced how the authorities took more than three months to communicate the sentence, until it came to light in a public letter from the regime. Cuban to the United Nations, on March 1, 2022.

The letter to the UN, the organization stressed at the time, was “full of contradictions and unfounded allegations of violence, since it explains that Pastor Lorenzo was convicted of public disorder, incitement to crime, lack of respect and aggression.”

“He did not use violence against anyone and that was more than clear. They know that we are all witnesses to his lies,” said Rosales Fajardo’s wife, pastor Maridilegnis Carballo, quoted by CSW.

Images shared on social networks show the violent arrest of Rosales Fajardo on July 11, 2021, in Palma Soriano, where he lives, during the popular demonstrations that shook the entire country that day.

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