Son of imprisoned hunger-striking dissident José Daniel Ferrer forced into exile by Cuban dictatorship

José Daniel Ferrer Cantillo: Forced into exile

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Utopian Ostracism

As the health of José Daniel Ferrer continues to worsen during his current hunger strike, his eldest son has been pressured into exile by Castro, Inc.

Apparently, Castro, Inc. has been trying to force his father into exile too, and was counting on his son to convince him to leave, which might explain the brief visit granted to the son recently. The younger Ferrer was facing the prospect of being thrown in prison too.

Something similar might be going on with Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca, another prominent imprisoned dissident who is being denied medical care even though his health has deteriorated alarmingly in the past few weeks. It seems Castro, Inc. is giving these pesky well-known dissidents embraced by Amnesty International an ultimatum: leave immediately or die here in prison.

With its apartheid tourist industry in shambles, Castro, Inc. knows it can’t afford to alienate the unethical dolts from capitalist nations that are drawn to its all-inclusive luxury hotels and resorts. Slaughtering dissidents embraced by Amnesty International would made the tropical socialist utopia seem unattractive. So, it’s simply giving these malcontents the option of dying in prison or leaving the island forever.

Such a wonderful socialist utopia.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

José Daniel Ferrer Cantillo, son of Cuban political prisoner José Daniel Ferrer García, arrived in the United States on Wednesday after suffering “various pressures” to try to convince his father to leave the island.

Ferrer Cantillo told Radio Televisión Martí that he refused to help the government get his father out of Cuba and felt the need to go into exile.

Regarding the pressure, the young man commented that the authorities threatened him with accusing him of assault and contempt, and that he has been harassed on several occasions after being arrested in the 9/11 protests in Santiago de Cuba.

“I left Cuba expecting to be prosecuted,” he said. “For as long as I can remember, I have been mistreated.” In addition, the regime has imposed several fines on him.

Ferrer Castillo also reiterated that his father, whom he visited in the Mar Verde prison, Santiago de Cuba, last Monday, is weak because he is on a hunger strike.

Regarding the peaceful struggle of José Daniel Ferrer García, as leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba, Ferrer Cantillo told América Tevé that “he has made a lot of progress, he is the person who has made the most progress, but even so he has not been able to reach what is wanted, which is the freedom of Cuba”.

Ferrer Cantillo arrived in Miami, Florida on Wednesday, and then moved to Austin, Texas. “In Cuba, people lately have opted more to leave the country than to continue fighting,” he told América Tevé.

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