Cuba’s socialist elites party on ‘as God requires’ while starving Cuban children slaughter cats for food

The Prime Minister’s sister celebrates at apartheid hotel

From our Bureau of Pigs Who Are More Equal Than All Other Pigs with some assistance from our ever-busy Bureau of Socialist Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion

“Feliz Navidad, comemierdas! Take a good look at our lifestyles and turn green with envy.” Castro, Inc.’s oligarchs might as well add such comments to their posts on social media. And they’re doing this as the vast majority of Cubans face starvation. Yesterday, a video surfaced of young Cuban children butchering cats. Other such images have surfaced recently too. (Warning: extremely horrific video and photos).

Meanwhile, Tamara Marrero, sister of the Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero Cruz, celebrated the 24th anniversary of the founding of the Paradisus Río de Oro hotel, a 5-star luxury apartheid resort owned by Spain’s Melia Hotels, located in Banes, Holguín province, posting photos of herself and the event on social media, with the caption, “celebrating our 24th anniversary, as God requires.”

She knows that what she’s doing is offensive, but she does it anyway. The Facebook page where she bragged about her divinely-ordered partying is her fifth account on the network, because she’s had to delete or abandon the others, to prevent people from commenting on her. Whole story HERE in Spanish

No lechón for you, peasants!

Simultaneously, Sandro Castro, the grandson of the late dictator Fidel Castro, congratulated his girlfriend Laura Daniela Álvarez on social networks on the occasion of her 24th birthday. (Socialist synchronicity: she’s just as old as Tamara Marrero’s resort).

“Happy birthday my love. I hope to be your best gift, because you are mine”, says the post of the egocentric heir to the Castro dynasty fortune, where he can be seen with Daniela next to one of his vehicles or “toys”, as he also likes to call them. Pretty boy Sandro and his glamorous girlfriend have bragged about their lifestyle on social media several times before and received plenty of criticism, but, like Tamara Marrero, they get a thrill out of flaunting their privilege and irritating the hell out of ordinary Cubans. Whole story HERE in Spanish.

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  1. Sandro is not pretty; he’s pretty dim. Despite his re$ource$, he always looks like a cheap little punk, quite probably because he is one. As for his live toy, she looks more like a sex doll than human. The privileged sister not only looks sleazoid but appears to be a natural at it–and the rum she’s posing with is a stolen brand. And yes, all these people are social media addicts who crave attention. Talk about parasites.

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